Fido bills

Fido bills

Fido bills

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Fido bills

i have been with fido for over 15 years and i had been paying at least $100 per month as my mean rate. Its ridiculous that i do not get any consideration of discounts. It is starting to get hard for me to stay with Fido with this amount im paying each month.  I wish someone can help me


Fido Employee

When you open up your bills and view a breakdown of the charges, is the ~$100 a month the plan with taxes itself or do you find yourself with extra usage charges? Normally in the case of extra usage charges you would find the best bet would be to change your plan to something that includes more of what you are needing every month as opposed to paying overage rates. 


If that is just the plan itself, looking at the usage in the bills - are you using all of the services included in your plan? If not you could look at plans that include what you find yourself using for a potentially lower cost. 


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What type of plan do you have that you are paying $100 for?


Have you looked at any of the current plans that Fido is currently offering?


Also if you login to the MY ACCOUNT section on the website and then click on the phone number then click on change plan you can see plans that is exclusive only to you. Sometimes that have plans that might be more beneficial to you.