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This Fido xtra is a joke, not all customers get the same offers as in Quebec we don't get this week Free meal at Swiss chalet, we don't have theme here but you could of made  adeal with St Hubert BBQ or Benny so us to as Fid customers for morew then 12 years we ould be nice to get a FREE meal from our Provider Sad  if not how about giving us a credit on our bill of what the meal cst??? we have 4 lines btw so thats what sucks the most you realy don't care with long terme customers, this fido xtra is not xtra to all only some depends of what Province you're in like youre plans  and this Fido xtra is to me just a thing like Groupon or Rebate and other apps a like  so can't wait to jump ship once my phones are paid off, I'm at the Ombusdman level now in a Complaint thats been going on since April 2018 and i'l told you're working on solving App issues that don't even read the same as my online account , Customer service tell you 6-7-8-9 different replies, all on tape and when you catch them saying something that make no sense oooops all of a sudding mike or Natasha is taking over and guess what lol we have to re start all the explanation and all they can do is scroll up and read my conversation i add with Fido Messenger team since April,   You're fido xtra in unfair and i see that even as a form 

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We don't get the deal out in Alberta either. There has not been one good deal that I have used yet. Along with the fact that I pay more and get less than a byod with Koodo, and that the phones for the medium plan havent  changed in two years while going up in price (except hauwei pro lite), prob be switching soon. Was hoping to catch some black Friday deal.

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Hey @TheBurn


We would hate to see you go. I would suggest keeping an eye on our promotions page right here, in case you see a deal that better works for you! 


In the meantime I'll also send you a PM so we can review your current account details together. Smiley 


Hey @Cece1


The good thing about Fido Xtra is that there are new promotions coming up every Thursday.

We hear you about the Swiss Chalet promotion and we will make sure to forward this to the team in charge.


Concerning the situations happening on your account, I would be happy to go over them with you.

I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into. Talk to you soon Smiley