Fido Voicemail Notification vs. Fido Text Notification(SMS from 18)

Fido Voicemail Notification vs. Fido Text Notification(SMS from 18)

Fido Voicemail Notification vs. Fido Text Notification(SMS from 18)

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Fido Voicemail Notification vs. Fido Text Notification(SMS from 18)

I am a new Fido customer after being with Rogers for seventeen year. I am using a new unlocked LG G4. I am overall happy with Fido coverage and services but one thing that I can't turn my head around is the way Fido network notifies its customers of their new voice mail.


Now, I am not sure if this is voice mail plan related or not but I have a basic(mini) voice mail with Fido(3 voice mails, 3 minutes each, kept for 3 days). Now, unlike Rogers and almost all other carriers in Canada, Fido sends you a text message(SMS) from number 18 when you have a new voice mail. You then have to manually call your voice mail to check it!


This is the most bizzar thing. I mean why should Fido keep doing such an uncommon practice while all other carries in Canada and the US simply send you a voice mail notification(small red dot on voicemail icon in iPhones or a voice mail notification in Android phones).


I read a lot about this issue and it has been going on for years with Fido. Could someone at Fido finally give me a clear answer to why this still is happening when it is clearly a source of inconveniece for your customers like me?


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I'd just like to point out that although it may seem strange, the SMS notification for Voicemail is actually part of the GSM standard.    These standards were set out by the GSM Association in the mid to late 1990's.  In fact, part of the reason the SMS technology was developped was to be able to send voicemail notification messages to customers. 


Now, that's all history and behind us now, but Fido has maintained the original network design standard that was around in the beginning of GSM networks.  Remember, Fido was the first GSM provided in Canada and was the only GSM provider for many years until purchased by Rogers in 2004. 


I know this story doesn't help you directly.   But I wanted to explain to you that what Fido is doing is not crazy or weird and so now you know why it's setup that way.  BTW if you get iPhone Visual Voicemail (VVM) service then you will have the red dot indicator on your Phone icon on iPhone.    But sounds like you don't have VVM, you just have regular VM.

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just wanted to point out that you can set notification to flash Led light when on Android phones Go to Settings / sounds and notifications / notifications :   Notification LED. On/Off


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Hello AliKay,


  What phone were you using with Rogers? What voicemail service did you have with Rogers? As far as I am aware, they use the same system. For mobile phones, the message waiting indicator has always been sent via SMS (see here). It used to be that the phones were able to interpret the SMS and then turn on the indicator symbol. However for some reason some newer phones are unable to do so resulting in the message you receive.


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Hey @AliKay


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At this time this is the only notification system we have for the mini voicemail. I'll gladly share your feedback. 


We also offer the visual voicemail for iPhones or the voicemail to text for Androids with our $7 value pack. That can be an option as well. For the Android version you'd receive a text message with the voicemail as an audio file. 

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Hello AliKay. Welcome to Fido and to the Community:smileyhappy:


I have the same voice messaging system mini voicemail there is no other options in the voicemail itself.


As a courtesy since you have missed the call Fido will send you a sms notification through text. E.g. say your phone was on nit disturb or sound off or completely phone off then you still get a way of knowing there's a message. It helps you see since there is only place for 3 messages.


I'm not aware of the any other voicemail notification icon on my Android. 


Note: you can get premium voicemail speech to text etc other package service for Add-ons    


Again welcome to Fido!