Fido New Plan Structure Discussion

Fido New Plan Structure Discussion

Fido New Plan Structure Discussion


Fido New Plan Structure Discussion

Just wanted to start a discussion about Fido's new plan structure. In order to get a subsidy you get to pick the amount you want to get subsidy for by paying an extra amount on top of the price of the plan:

$10/mo to save $300

$15/mo to save $500

$35/mo to save $700 thats all over a 2yr term. 


Lets break down the actual savings over the 2yr term.


+$10/mo x 24/mo = $240 for the 24/mo thats $60 savings

+$15/mo x 24/mo =$360 for the 24/mo thats a $140 savings

+$35/mo x 24/mo = $840 for the 24/mo this option actually cost you $140


Is it worth getting a term agreement with Fido? 



I'm a Participant Level 1


I have a question regarding the plans that if you clarify I apprecite.

I am thinking about getting a new phone on a +15 plan. My question is that how much will be the amount of bills after that the contract is over (after 2 years)? 

To my understanding, for example, in the case of $55 plan, after 2 years, the amount that I have to pay monthly would be $40 + tax. Am I right?


@Ali7 Currently from what I was told is that at the end of any "Plus#" term the plan remains the same with the Plus amount still being billed. you will have to call in to change it and currently at the end of the term if the plan you have no longer exists then you will have to change your plan.


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If you have any questions about our plans, let me know Smiley