Fido Network Issues and low frequency Beeping noise on Samsung S5

Fido Network Issues and low frequency Beeping noise on Samsung S5

Fido Network Issues and low frequency Beeping noise on Samsung S5

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Fido Network Issues and low frequency Beeping noise on Samsung S5

I purchased a Samsung S5 when it was released a few months ago and I noticed a low frequency beeping noise every 5-6 seconds when I was on the phone. After having the phone a few days I exchanged the device and it was perfectly fine for a few weeks. Now I'm noticing the same issue on my current device. I have to assume it's a fault speaker as the issue never happens when I'm talking in my car when I'm connected to my bluetooth headset. Additionally the beeping noise doesn't happen one every call which makes diagnosing the issue difficult. 


I have also noticed severe network issues with my S5. I'm lucky I get 1 bar of reception when I'm at home. I have several calls going directly to voice mail and I end up missing numerous text messages. That being said I finally sent my phone in for repairs 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting on getting the device back. Fido didn't have any loaner phones which were very frustrating and I ended up having to use my 4+ year old phone that is brutally slow.


My concern is that while the reception on my old phone I'm using temporarily is much better I'm still missing calls and text messages. I never had any issues with my network until recently and Fido has already tried troubleshooting the network issues on there end. I'm really hopping that when I get my S5 back both of these issues will fail to exist but I have my doubts.  I run a business part time out of my home and this is completely unacceptable and I will be forced to leave fido if this issue is not resolved quickly.  





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If you switch your network mode from GSM/HSPA/LTD to GSM/HSPA you may have better luck. I have tried that before and it helped temporarily. However I found that I would randomly get no network at all periodically when I was using that network mode. When it was working my network was stronger use just GSM/HSPA

Hi undergrad,

I apologize the negative experience. Did you contact the manufacturer directly to see if there's a known issue with this particular device?

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The phone has now gone into repairs 3 times, once directly through Fido Via futurtel and twice directly to samsung's walk in repair shop. I'm very sad to report that I'm still having the issues I reported well over a month ago. One would think a cell phone company would simply swap out the device for another one at this point. If I can't get this resolved very quickly I'm going to be forced to leave Fido. The number of important phone calls I have missed over the past few weeks is not acceptable. 

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Let us know how it goes once you get your phone back undergrad, we'll look into this.

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Here is a full run down after talking with FIdo yesterday for 1.5 hours...


I'm writing this to express my horrible experience with fido customer service.
I need to send in my Samsung S5 for repairs for the second time after the device was returned without being repaired correctly. The first time my device was sent out I didn't get it back until after 14 business days.


The first time I sent in the device Fido was unable to provide me with a loaner phone and I ended up getting a 4+ year old device from a friend of mine. Now I need to send in the device again and I still can't find a loaner phone. I have tried calling 7 different Fido stores that are suppose to have loaner phones without any luck. Fido even tried calling a few stores for me but no one at the store levels picked up there phones The fact that the loaner phones fido providers are flip phones is ridiculous. I'm sending in a $600+ device and getting one that is worth maybe $100 in return? I'm paying for a smartphone and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect to get a smart phone in return when my device is being repaired. That's assuming they actually had any in stock to provide.


When I tried calling customer service they told me there is nothing they can do and I should just continue to contact the stores. There other suggestion was that I buy out of my current contract and then I can purchase a new cell phone. You have got to be kidding me. This is some of the worst customer experience I have experienced in a very long time. I'm planning on taking my business elsewhere if this can't be resolved very quickly.


What happened to providing good customer service? 

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Hmm, I have recently got a brand new S5 from FIDO, and I've been having trouble connecting. It's under 'E' and rarely goes to 4G or LTE anymore... My friend has been having the same exact issue with fido and S5... I'm extremely saddened because I cannot use my phone for the basic needs it should deliver. No connection means phone is useless... Sad

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I have now tried calling 7 fido stores in my area and none of them have any loaner phones available.

That is just silly. How am I suppose to send out my phone for another "repair" if fido can't provide me with a phone to use during thing period? 

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Hi Rachel,

I got my phone back after 12 business days and I'm sad to report that I'm still having the same issues as when I sent out my device initially on September 2nd.

According to the "Completion Report" they did the following...

I was informed by someone at fido that if I send out the device for a second time and they are not able to fix the problem Samsung will give me a new device? Would you be able to confirm this?

My concern is that I'm really not able to go another 2+ weeks without a smartphone and my local fido store still doesn't have any loaner phones.

What would you suggest I do next?