Fido Insurance= Useless

Fido Insurance= Useless

Fido Insurance= Useless

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Fido Insurance= Useless

Device Protection Plan: 


First of all I never knew I had to pay for calims ( though have been paying for device protection plan. Its more then 15 months.) . 

Better option would have been to get Apple Warranty for two years, would not have costed more than $ 170 ( not sure of the exact amount). Device protection plan  ( From FIDO ) may be good only if the phone is lost or stolen or phyiscal damage!


Moving forward on my story: 

Claim Process: 

When I called for claim ( ASURION INSURANCE)  for my Iphone 6+  (device crashed after Apple IOS ver 10 update. ( note : Apple support  went through all test and did not find any issues on OS and HW ( LOL) and provdided me a special option of replacing my phone by paying only $400 + tax. though the phone was out of warranty ....they did not openly aknowledge the issue was due to OS update........) 


Moving my story forward ......:) 


disappointed they way my service for claim has been handled. I had placed service claim order yesterday (23rd Friday Sept) . Requested delivery within two days ( should have received the phone by Monday 26th Sept). When I called in to check on shipment tracking issue today (Saturday 24th Sept) . Agent stated my order was cancelled at warehouse level for no stock. If I had not called, I would not have known about it at all! I will not get it on time as I'm flying out of the country for two weeks...... Before the order was processed ( yesterday) and my credit card charged I had requested agent to ensure I get it within two working days...which should have been 26th Monday Sept ).


I have to buy another phone lol!


Worst service ! nver buy device protection plan!!!!




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