Fido Home Phone - beeping heard by callers & time change not working

Fido Home Phone - beeping heard by callers & time change not working

Fido Home Phone - beeping heard by callers & time change not working

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Fido Home Phone - beeping heard by callers & time change not working

I've had the Fido home phone system since last summer. I'm happy with it for the most part, but there are two issues that need resolving:


The first is an issue known to Fido:  While on a call, the other person hears an intermittent "beep" that I don't hear. To them, it sounds like I am pushing a button on the keypad. It is annoying to them. Fido said they knew about it, and that the units affected would be replaced. They agreed to send me a new one but they didn't. When I called them months ago to talk about the problem I was on the phone for so long that I haven't bothered to call back and go through that again...FIDO?


The second is not overly important, but annoying:  My Panasonic cordless phones used to adjust the time correctly for Standard/Daylight Saving through TELUS. Now that I'm using Fido home phone, I have to manually adjust the time. I did that on Sunday, but it has jumped back to Standard time again. In October it did this four times before the adjustment stayed put.


Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?

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Hi there DebraLee,


Does the beeping sound come from your mobile phone? What device are you using? 


Regarding the time on your home phone, I'll look into this! I'll get back to you once I have more information. Smiley

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Hi, FidoRachel -


Some months back, we had the same beeping problem. It happened repeatedly, same problem regardless of what phone was on the other end of the connection, and regardless of which home phone we plugged into the Fido unit. Fido sent us two replacement phones in a row, supposedly with upgraded firmware each time. Problem still there. Eventually, a few months ago, Fido suggested getting a new SIM card, so we went to  a Fido outlet and got one. It appeared to fix the problem.


But now it's back. Since you're clearly familiar with the problem (most Fido people we've talked to aren't), can you follow up on this and get back to me?



Hey ve3tou,
When did you receive the second replacement? I can confirm the issue was resolved with the updated devices. 

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The second replacement, serial 864287001373933, was shipped March 12, 2015, and received and put into service shortly thereafter. The problem reappeared, and Fido recommended we get a new SIM card. We did this April 6, 2014, and have had few or no recurrences (can't be 100% sure because the other party does not always complain) until yesterday, when we had two occurrences on calls to two different parties.


 Mysterious noises seem to be a fact of life on wireless networks, and we generally ignore them. The problem in this case is that the sound heard by the other party is extremely loud and unpleasant.

Hi ve3tou,

Can you confirm if the sound seems to reappear with the same caller or it will show up randomly? I would also like to know if you have an internet wireless modem in the house. Often this can cause an interference and it can be one of the factors. Have you tried turning off the WIFI modem and see if that can be the case?

Let us know! 

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Hi, FidoAlyson:


As I stated earlier, the occurrence appears to be independent of what party is on the other end of the call, and independent of which kind of phone we have connected to the Home Phone unit.


We do have a WiFi router in the house, but have located the Home Phone unit about 30 feet away from it. It doesn't seem practical to turn off the router, since we'll typically go several days between occurrences, so we'd have to leave it turned off for at least several days before we'd have any usable results. Operating WiFi devices such as tablets near the Home Phone unit does nor appear to cause problems.


We also have a Fido cell phone, which we use from home sometimes, and have never had this happen.


In FidoRachel's post, it was stated that "updated devices" contain a fix. Did Fido send us devices that were not updated?


This problem has gone unresolved for a long time now, and we've answered all Fido's questions several times (it seems nobody takes notes).

Thanks for getting back to me. 

I'll go ahead and send you a private message to look into the replacement device you received.



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I have posted previously about this and am also in the same boat; still a year and a half later.  Mine modem was replaced with the new ones with the supposed updated firmware, and I still have the beeping.  Nothing was fixed with mine or changed by swapping out the modem.  

Unfortunate because I love my Fido cell service. Just wanted to post and update that I'm still getting beeping.  Sad   

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Hi BTbtBT!


Have you tried changing the SIM card? Does this happen with all calls?


Let me know. Smiley

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I cant believe this hasnt been fixed yet