Fido Forced me to leave

Fido Forced me to leave

Fido Forced me to leave

I'm a Participant Level 3

Fido Forced me to leave

I have 5 lines under my account. I am with Fido for last 10years.

Yesterday @ 9.00am I called Fido to update my plan. The customer service put me on hold for 1 hour because they are busy. I disconnected after 1 hour. I called again after half an hour still they were busy. I tried another 5 times. Finally I went Fido store and disconnect my on line. I switched to Koodo with 10gb/$10.

Same day, I called Fido another three times to upgrade my another line. They didn’t pick up phone. Today ( 17/Dec) I planned to call them at 8:59am. And I called it is now 53:33 min I am listening music from Fido customer service. However, I will wait another half an hour and call Koodo to switch my plan. 

My understanding Fido customer service is good to listen music without using your data. They are now forcing me to leave. I don’t want to miss Koodo offers as Fido doesn’t let me upgrade my plan.

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I'll be leaving as well... I cannot get through to anyone. Very frustrating.

Hey there!


We'd really hate to see either of you leave Sad


Our holideals are extremely popular and we're doing our absolute to get to everyone as quicky as possible!


Keep in mind you can also reach out via Social Media and LiveChat and we can also help out on there Smiley


If you prefer, we can even send you a PM here on the Community, just let us know!


Also, keep in mind you can get the promotional holiday plan via self-serve on Just change to the $60 5GB plan and the 5GB bonuses will be applied in the next 2-3 billing cycles.



I'm a Participant Level 3

Mr nick , 

THe 60$ 5 gig , is not an option when you go one your account to switch ... 

what am i missing?


Hey everyone,


Don't forget this plan is only available without a contract (BYOP) in AB, BC and ON. It's available to new and existing customers.


If anyone's wondering how to change their plan online, click here.

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You guys all realize it was busy because of the 10 gig for $60 promotion going on right?

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Your live chat isn't working either. Your phone number literally just hangs up on me. Calling 611 gets through to the automated system, but then won't put my call in queue. I shouldn't have to go on social media to get ahold of a company I have an account with! You guys should extend this deal so that everyone has a chance to get it.