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I'm a Participant Level 3

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Hi there,


New to Fido as of yesterday.

Just got off the phone with Fido rep, now they are closed so cannot call back.

unable to use the fido app, kept getting error.

called Fido, she said I wasn't registered, we tried using a laptop and finally got logged in and I can see my plan and usage.

She said the app should be good to go.


unable to log in

will not accept my email address, i guess it's too long

will not accept my phone number with the password we set up on laptop

i don't have a group ID whatever that is.


anyone else having issues?




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Former Moderator

Hey @mboulton


Were you able to log in after all? 


The log in information that works on doesn't work on the app? What's the error message? 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi Rachel,


No error message actually, it just will not log in.

Completely unable to get into the Fido app using the info I set up with Fido CS on the phone.



Thanks for getting back to us @mboulton Smiley

Are you trying to login under WIFI or through the Fido network? 


I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi again,

I do not have a data plan.

I just tried without wifi and the app says "the app is unable to establish a data connection to the wireless network. Please try again"


The application need a data connection to work which is why you can't access it with your WIFI closed.

It's possible that there is a delay in registering following your activation. Would you be able to give it another shot within 24 hours? 

Until then, you'll be able to track the usage on and if you dial *3337

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi there,


I only tried on wifi at home.