Feeling Cheated and Scammed by Fido

Feeling Cheated and Scammed by Fido

Feeling Cheated and Scammed by Fido

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Feeling Cheated and Scammed by Fido

Few hours back I bought 4 products from Fido 3 mobile and 1 internet plan. I bought a 130/- dollar plan for myself along with s9+ phone but I felt totally scammed when I met a friend of mine just 1 hour after my purchase and he told me that he had bought the same plan for 85/- Dollar with s9+ phone.

I have not opened my phone yet and I would definitely return the phone and cancel all the 4 subscriptions, would coution all my friends and family  about this.

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Prepare for:

"You are not targetted for this deal."


Don't ask why, as they won't tell you as the the sales/marketting AI makes all the decisions. The entire back end is run by a mystery super computer and everyone below it won't can't doesn't know who, what, why or when and all they can do is read the script and shield the public from those that can actually do this, all to hit "numbers"...


Hey @munishm and welcome to the Community.


We would need to take a look at your account to see the plan you have now.

To reach the customer service, you can go on our contact page here.


We can also send you a PM on the Community if it's better for you.


Let us know.