FaceTime on LTE

FaceTime on LTE

FaceTime on LTE

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FaceTime on LTE



So whenever I try to use FaceTime outside of wifi to make a video or audio call, it tells me: No Network Connection: Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network to use FaceTime and it gives me the option of going into Wi-Fi settings, Mobile settings or to cancel. I am a customer in good standing and my plan includes 1 GB of data, which I never use up, ever. I use Iphone 6 with the latest updates for carrier and iOS. So why doesn't it work?





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Hi lildevil456 & welcome to the Community!


To get to the bottom of this, I have a few questions:


1) Have you always gotten this message, or has it worked in the past?

2) Are you able to use other apps/web browser while not connected to Wi-Fi?

3) Is your mobile data enabled?


Let me know. Smiley

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You'll want to check your settings, go to settings>cellular, make sure your facetime in the list at the bottom of this screen isn't toggled off.