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I'm still waiting on my basic $50 plan with 30mbps and 300gb usage to be activated. It's been one week.


When I picked up the Fido modem from store, the store rep told me once I get home and connect the modem it'd be good to go as the service has been already activated. Then I only see endless blinking lights on the modem - no connection ready at all.


When I called, the Fido rep told me my address doesn't match.
Seems like they put my billing adress for service instead of the service address I requested.

The rep on the phone promised it'd take max 24 to 48 hours, and that she'd call me within the timeframe to discuss about changing prorate charges.

Did I expect the call? No. Did she actually call me and kept the promise? Hell No.


After not hearing a thing back from Fido I decided to call again, after waiting 48 hours. They told me Fido system is down and they can't do anything about it, they can't even pull out my information to figure out the account information and history. OK, things happen. I can call next day? Maybe by then my internet would come on?


Third call. This time I waited almost 1HR to get through to a real person. The agent on the phone told me my account is pending to be activated, and that he doesn't know the reason or can't see beyond this information. He said it usually takes five days (they said max 48 hours at first but now five days? HA!) but he cannot guarantee. The only option for me was to wait and wait and wait until at some point BOOM! it's activated. 


I am going to give them until today evening.

I've been a loyal Fido customer but now am so dissapointed of Fido, especially on how they do not keep their promises and hang us all waiting here, without giving proper deadline to finish their job.


if they do not have this resolved today I'm moving to another company.. I might as well move my cellphone line. No more of waiting. New internet applicants beware.


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I'm having the same exact issue...regret moving to Fido. It's been a week and no one from Fido even responds. Should have stuck to Bell#Fidohomeinternetsucks#Fidoprison.
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Hey @AA23!


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What happened with your call yesterday? Did you get any news from the tech.department? 

Feel free to contact me in PM here or on FB so we can look into this together. 



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I had the exact same situation. Rep at store said 48 hours maximum but might even work when I got home. Now i'm getting the 5 days runaround. I've been a loyal Fido cellular customer for over 6 years but am considering switching everything over to Bell.


Fido, if you're listening, don't BS your customers. If it's going to be 5 days, tell us. Don't say 24 to 48 hours.


I even told the rep that our house had foundation repair work done a few years back and that the line may or may not be severed. We have no idea since we never had cable service. Tech was supposed to come today. I shovelled the area to the box since we had a huge snowfall, they never showed. We now have to wait the 5 days. if it doesn't work then, maybe they will send a tech to check the line. Modem will be back at the store by that time.



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Sorry to hear you had issues with the activation. Our normal activation delays is indeed 48 hours. In extreme rare circumstances, it's possible the delay is extended. We really don't want to see you leave because of this. Did you had a chance to talk to home internet technical support team to look into this? It's odd that the technician didn't show and didn't notify you about it. You can contact via chat here

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Thank you for the prompt reply. It was through live chat earlier today that I found out about the 5 days to activate account. The kicker is that even after those 5 days, there is 0% guarantee that service will be operational since no one came to verify line although I raised my concerns about existing line conditions to rep in store, cs agent on phone yesterday and live chat today. Being proactive with a potential new long term customer would've been the proper approach instead of misleading me which will make me leave and tell everyone I know about my service experience.

We can check if the line is activate or not from our systems. If the agent you spoke didn't inform that you will need a technician sent out, we will only need to wait.


I apologize if there's any additional delays on the activation. The issue must of been reported after your activation was done. It wasn't our attention to mislead you in any way. 

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Continuation of customer service at its best. I contacted tech support via chat again explaining my situation. After 5 minutes of back and forth, he can't help me because account hasn't been activated. Suggests I call the 1-866 number.

I call and explain everything again. Agent says that issue will be escalated and resolved today. Indicates I will get a call within 2 hours maximum. I confirm my phone number to make sure . It is now 930, customer service is closed and guess who called me?......Nobody.

What more am I supposed to do ????

I've posted on this forum 3 times, contacted online chat 2 times and called the 1-866 number 3 times. No resolve in sight.

Solutions anyone???

Let's look into what happened @toughcalls! I'll send you a PM now. Smiley 

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If anyone else is reading this and is curious how things have progressed, here is an update:


I am on day 6 since signing up, internet is still not working. It has been escalated to a tech department. A resolution is estimated to take between 5 to 12 business days. You read that right 12!


I really do want to support Fido as I have been a long time loyal customer and have been great on the mobile side of business but this has become so frustrating for me and my family.


Just a word of warning to any potential customers that this type of delay in getting hooked up is a definite possibility. Makes me very nervous if I should encounter service issues down the road.


Do not make the mistake of cancelling your other ISP before Fido is fully set up or you might be in the same situation as me, no internet and no answers.

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Day 7 update : Still no internet. Still waiting for tech department to change my status from "tentative" to "active"....whatever that means. Will be looking into other ISPs this weekend.


Forum mods have been great in replying to questions in a timely fashion however I still have the tiny issue of no working internet at home.

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Day 10 update:  Still no internet. No one from Fido has contacted me to let me know when it will be operational.

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I was contacted thru a personal message but the answer was to open two tech ticket and wait another five days. I was shocked and asked if nothing has been done to my account after all my phone calls and inquiries, then they said actually there was one ticket open on 27th. Then they said they'd answer me soon but I ended up waiting another four hours, only to hear that I had to wait another 24 hours. Initially I wanted to cancel my service yesterday afternoon if the issue wasn't resolved and I think I had given enough time already. Now 2hrs left until 24hrs pass, at 6:40pm sharp I will call them.
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Hey @allicat


I'm sending you a PM so we can follow-up on this together. Smiley 



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Hi @allicat & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to read of your experience. We definitely don't want to see you go. Sad


Just to be sure that I understood correctly, the reason why your internet isn't working is because the service address was wrong?

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Hello there. Well I am not sure the reason because the reps wouldn't tell me exactly why it's not being activated.


However I don't think it's just the service address, I told them my new address many times, and even put the correct service address when I first applied for internet service online. So I doubt it would be just the address that Fido's  having problem with.

@allicat I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into your account. 


Talk to you soon. Smiley