FB Messenger went wild on Mobile Data

FB Messenger went wild on Mobile Data

FB Messenger went wild on Mobile Data

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FB Messenger went wild on Mobile Data



I got a notice from my phone 2 days ago stating that I was at 75% (1.5Gb) of my data use on Mobile (2Gb limit). I started to investigate since I rarely download that much and found that, for no apparent reason, Facebook Messenger went wild (See picture) !



As you can see, I'm at 823MB this month (not finished yet) for FB Messenger. I have not downloaded videos or large files with it and I'm often on Wifi. Here's my FB Messenger mobile data use for the previous months : 42MB, 22MB, 5MB... My usage hasn't changed !


So, I changed the setting for FB Messenger to only use Wifi in order to stop this. Now on this kind of things won't happen but.. still ! What could cause this ! Any ideas ? I contacted the Support of FB Messenger about this, waiting for a reply.


Also, would Fido recognize that this is nearly impossible and give me back 800MB of data ? I doubt it since it's the phone's fault (and mine by interim) but, could they ?


Thanks for reading and all futur responses Smiley


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Good job for catching this issue early before it drained your data dry. 


What I would do in your case is to uninstall facebook messenger and use it on a computer only. Next, ask your friends to communicate with you via other app and not use facebook messenger (sorry, it might be difficult).


Facebook and facebook messenger, when running, can drain your battery like mad.  I had that happen to me once before and it tracked down to facebook messenger.  The phone battery usage went back to normal afterwards.

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I don't really care about battery usage since I'm already a heavy user + with the Nougat update on my G5 it really helps !


I just want to know if Fido is willing to understand that this issue is not normal at all !

Hi @OliE_420


According to this site (https://www.apk4fun.com/history/1121/) there were 2 updates to the FB Messenger Android app in December.  1st update was on Dec 12th (59MB) and 2nd update was on Dec 15th (61MB).   Is your phone set up to auto-update apps


Judging by the usage graph you posted the spike in usage seems to correspond to the dates of the app updates.  Is it possible your phone tried downloading the update multiple times because it was failing for some reason?  If your phone did a couple of retries  you could easily get to the 800+MB results you're seeing. 


Anyways, something to look into.  If your device is saying it used the data, and fido network is saying you used the data, there's not a lot you can contest or challenge.   Remember that you are charged based on the actual data used by your device and not based on whether you were aware of it or if it was intentional or not. 



Best of luck in figuring out what happened.  I do recommend you delete the app and redownload it on WiFi just to be on the safe side in case there's some kind of corruption in the app itself. 




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Hi @OliE_420!


Is it possible that Facebook Messenger updated which caused the data increase? I can't think of any other feature from the app that would make the usage spike like that.


@Community, does anyone else have any insights?