Extremely Frustrated with a simple internet address change

Extremely Frustrated with a simple internet address change

Extremely Frustrated with a simple internet address change

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Extremely Frustrated with a simple internet address change

I can't believe how terrible the quality of customer service agents are and how confusing and prone to error the system is even for the agents themselves. I've had to explain my situation to close to 10 service agents now and as of this moment I do not have internet.


I was told by the salesperson that the change of address is just one click on the site. Apparently when I did call the agent said it takes up to 24 hours when I called last Saturday, and would get internet by Sunday night at the latest.


No internet on Sunday. I called again and a cs agent told me they can't do anything because the account was suspended. I was redirected to the billing department but they said the bill was not due hence it is not due to payments. Then I was forwarded to a cs agent only to learn that there was supposed to be a technician coming in on Tuesday to do hardware work, which I was not told of.


Tuesday came and still no internet. Technician told me fido still needs to turn on the switch for me to get internet access. Told me I would get internet by Wednesday at the latest.


Wednesday came and still no internet. At this point I was very frustrated with how the call system consistently transferred me to a fido mobile cs agent, have me explain the situation, only to then tell me they are to transfer me to the fido internet agents. It makes no sense why I would have to go through fido mobile in the first place.


I was told my account was suspended because apparently the first agent who put in the move order messed up something on the back end, which blocked the next steps for getting internet access for the new address. Luckily I have encountered a well-meaning agent who created a new account number for me, promised to honour the offer for the plan when I signed up for fido. He told me I only needed to pick up a new modem at a physical store, and also promised to call me back to follow up if everything is going well.


So I went to a physical store and cannot believe what I was hearing from the rep who serviced me. I tried to explain the situation but he kept insisting company policies and was on the phone saying things like "this customer was under the impression that he would just plug in the modem and all would 'miraculously' work" (in his exact words). How am I, as a customer, supposed to know how your system works?! 


In the end the person he was on the phone with read through my filesf notes as left by the previous agent and gave the in-store rep a go forward with my account. I took a new modem home, and everything worked for a few days.


Fast forward to today. I called and asked how was the internet working for the last three days when my fido online account service address was still wrong. He said he doesn't know, and changed the service address to the new one. Except he made a typo and put in the wrong unit number, which I caught when he repeated the address to confirm with me. I corrected him over the phone and he confirmed that it was set up to my correct address now, but the system forcefully had him book another appointment for a technician to come on site again. But hopefully the system would recognize this address has been serviced already and it should go away.


I come home from work and the internet stopped working. I login my online account and the service address was showing - to my surprise - the typo of my address. And my account was suspended. Again.


I made one last attempt to call tech support and I was given the same response "your account is suspended and I can't do anything". When I asked him to please read the Notes on my file I was told "nope, it's too long."


Words cannot describe how incredibly frustrating this is. How I spent hours on the phone at work trying to get this working. How I have to explain my situation over and over again. How I have to endure extremely unprofessional customer service reps despite how calm I am over the phone or in person. How I am thrown into the exact same loop I was thrown in a week ago. 


I am seriously hoping I do NOT have to explain my situation again especially how the notes are just getting longer and longer. My experience with fido home internet's customer service has been extremely unsatisfactory and I hope the corporation could resolve it once and for all.


Hey there @User21


Welcome to the community Smiley


I must admit, that is in no way the kind of service we wish to provide to our customers and we'll do our best to try to turn your experience around.


We'll, of course, need to have a closer look at your account to review the latest changes made and also the interactions with the previous agents. Keep in mind that your opinion matters, so feel free to share your concern or any feedback.


I'll be immediately sending you a PM so we can get started. Talk to you soon!