Extra bogus international SMS charged on data only plan

Extra bogus international SMS charged on data only plan

Extra bogus international SMS charged on data only plan

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Extra bogus international SMS charged on data only plan

I am on the 3GB data only plan. According to my bill, I was billed for 48 international SMS I did not sent. At first, the phone rep said that the extra charges of 48 SMS were due to long distance calls of exactly 1 min for every call. Then, I asked why they were not charged as long distance calls. Then, the rep said the extra charges were for SMS. Based on the rep reading, the SMS messages were sent to (659)232-xxxx. Both of us check the area code and it doesn't seem to exist at all. Even though I repeated that I didn't use the SMS services, the rep was not willing adjust the bill. The rep also said an investigation ticket will be created. But, the rep didn't quote me on the filing reference number. I am not sure what the rep have done as I don't have a callback today.


I spent 30 minutes with the rep on the call, waited for her to check this and that most of the time. Since the issue was not resolved, I checked this Fido cummunity and some people did have similar experience posted.


To further understand what's going on, I then called the number (I was ready to pay the long distance charge using my home phone). The busy tone came right away. I tried a number of times and the result was still the same. It seems the number doesn't exist. If it is true, I was charged for sending SMS to an invalid number. If this issue is not resolved, I will need to quit the service and don't want to be charged next month for the same reason.


Does this happen to a lot of Fido customers?



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Hello RegularDataUser,


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  Just to clarify, the data-only plans do not include any call minutes or SMS/MMS. However, since the SIM has a phone number associated with it, they are capable of making/receiving calls and sending/receiving text messages.


  The rates are $1 per minute for calls and Long Distance (LD) at 45¢ per minute within Canada (see here).


  Sending SMS costs 25¢ per message sent from Canada to a Canadian wireless number or 45¢ per message sent from Canada to a US or international wireless carrier (see here). You will not incur any extra charges when you receive text messages.


  Sending MMS to a Canadian wireless customer costs 50¢, while to a US or International wireless customer cost 75¢ (see here). Again, you will not incur any extra charges when receiving MMS while in Canada. Note however, roaming data charges would apply when outside of Canada.


  Have you verified that your phone does not have any malware or trojan apps installed (see here)? Admittedly, that article is from a couple of years back, but I wouldn't be surprised if nefarious organisations have found other exploits.


  Just a thought...


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Hey @RegularDataUser


Sorry to see that you had this experience with your services.


We definitely don't want to see you go.

To have this looked into, we will need to access your account.


I'm sending you a PM. Talk to you soon.