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Esim support

Esim support

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Esim support


i am wondering if Fido is supporting esim on iPhone xs. If not when it will be possible for them to support. 

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Hey Community!

Just wanted to take a moment to share some good news today Smiley


Fido customers can now activate eSIM on their iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max, Google Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL! 


The activation of the eSIM on these devices must be done in a corporate Fido store. Our customer care can also activate, as long as it's for a BYOP line. 


Also, keep in mind that eSIM activations are only available on no-term activations at this time. 


One last thing to note is that the iPhone on which you're trying to activate the eSIM must have an Internet connection, either through WiFi or through the primary SIM. The connection is used to download the SIM profile to the eSIM.


We hope this helps! 


***Update*** As of 06/06/2019 you can now activate an eSIM with an iPhone Xr, Xs, or Xs Max on a 2 year term. 


***Update*** As of 10/17/2019 eSIM can be activated in any Fido Corporate store. Check out our store locator to find the nearest one. 


***Update*** eSIMs are available in all retail stores except Best Buy.

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Fido is one of the WORST Cellular companies on the planet!!! Always a year behind everyone else, and everyone gets a different "deal".... Been with Fodo for 8 years with 5 lines, and not ONE line has the same deal. And my brother gets a 5gb data with Canada wide unlimited deal on his SINGLE line, and been a customer for 2 years on BYOD. I call Fido, and get told that SAME package will cost me $60. How is that possible..... Wake up Fido - one morning you won't have ANY customers left. Get Esim for Apple watch and Iphone, or I will also take MY 5 lines elsewhere, like many many others.

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There are lots of threads on e-sim, and I see that Fido plans on supporting it soon. This is good news.


My question is whether wifi calling will work with e-sim while travelling.


For example, traveling to UK: wifi calling on fido SIM to call home so roaming is avoided, and local calls with UK SIM.


This would be ideal. Even better would be to somehow only use wifi calling while travelling, as currently, I usually keep my iPhone on airplane mode and wifi on, so that I don't accidentally roam.

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best to make sure your mobile is unlocked, then get an local uk sim, then place an message on ur canadian voicemail / facebook wall, with your new uk mobile #, then remove and keep your canadian sim in safe place.

Hey @Basir


Thanks for posting Smiley 


I moved your message to this thread as it deals with a similar topic.


Fido will not be supporting ESIM. 


Keep an eye out on the website, we will announce it there if it becomes available. 

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I assume that Fido will support eSIM on Pixel 3?

Hey @mike_4mb


We currenlty support it on the Google Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL with Android 9.0 or newer.



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can I have my only number as an esim?


iphone xr

Hi @thekerrigans, do you mean you wish to only have an eSIM in your iPhone Xr without a physical sim card? 

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Got my esim activated on my iPhone XS today. I am glad Fido is finally supporting this feature. I am not happy, however, how they are going about it. When I first heard about esim being implanted in phones, the first thought that went through my mind was that how we can save on plastic use. No more  cards to throw away after you take off a tiny piece. I was rather shocked to find out that in order to active phones internal esim, Fido reps still need to activate the same size card, but with out punch out SIM card, which has the QR code that you scan to activate esim. Why can’t we just scan this code right from the computer monitor? Why can’t they just print this QR code on a piece of paper? So that the company can still justify charging a $10 fee? Since there is no physical sim card attached to this piece of QR code card, print on business card stock if need be. Let’s save our planet. 

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I am looking to purchase an esim. There is not a Fido store in my city. Here it states I can call to purchase an esim by calling and it will be mailed. Is the website incorrect, as when I contacted support they did not know what I was talking about and said it was not possible, although the website clearly states it can be done over the phone. I do not want to drive 1.5 hours each way to get a QR code that should be able to be emailed.


Any support would be appreciated.



Hey @jdavidp,


I've moved your post to this existing thread.


To guide you through the steps you'd need to follow to get your eSIM, can you please let us know if you're planning to swap your SIM for an eSIM, or if you want to activate a brand new line with an eSIM?


If it's for a new line activation, are you planning to activate it with a 2-year agreement and a phone or just on a BYOP plan?


You can find more details related to the eSIM processes in the solution above.






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I had the exact same experience as jdavidp.  I am 8 hours away from a corporate store and when I called Fido about getting an esim without visiting a corporate store they told me it was not possible.  To answer your questions, I have an existing prepaid plan for which I provided my own phone. 



Moderator (inactive)

Hey @Sasker


Considering some of our current store closures, and the distance involved for you here, I would like to take a closer look into your account to see if we can check out some options together. I'll send you a PM now. Smiley 

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Hi there,


I have an iPhone XS and I'm on a month-to-month agreement with a BYOP plan.


Can I activate the e-sim with a foreign carrier and use the simtray for my FIDO card?

Hey @Nico14,


Welcome to our Community! 


As long as the other provider supports the eSIM on non certified devices, you should be able to, you'd just need to verify with the foreign carrier.



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My 2yr contract of tablet data plan is done. Can i get an e-sim for it and use that on a compatible phone?

Hey @ryanrudolf


We'll be happy to help with this. 


Can you answer the following questions so we can help?

- You wish to keep the same data plan and use it on a phone instead but with an esim? 

- Is your primary line with Fido? 


Thanks! We'll look into this for you.

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Yes I want to keep the data line and if possible transfer it to a compatible e-sim phone.


I dont have a primary line though.

Hey @ryanrudolf! Philippe here.


Just to clarify then, the data-only plan is the only active line on your account then?


Which device are you planning to use with the eSIM? Is it a Fido device?


Let us know.

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Yes the tablet plan is all i have.


I want to use it on a Pixel 3a XL device, it is not with Fido. Is that possible? I'm planning to go to a store tomorrow but wanted to check first.

Very good!


The Pixel 3a XL must have Android 9.0 or newer. Is that the case with your phone?