Esim support

Esim support

Esim support

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Esim support


i am wondering if Fido is supporting esim on iPhone xs. If not when it will be possible for them to support. 

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Hey Community!

Just wanted to take a moment to share some good news today Smiley


Fido customers can now activate eSIM on their iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max, Google Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL! 


The activation of the eSIM on these devices must be done in a corporate Fido store. Our customer care can also activate, as long as it's for a BYOP line. 


Also, keep in mind that eSIM activations are only available on no-term activations at this time. 


One last thing to note is that the iPhone on which you're trying to activate the eSIM must have an Internet connection, either through WiFi or through the primary SIM. The connection is used to download the SIM profile to the eSIM.


We hope this helps! 


***Update*** As of 06/06/2019 you can now activate an eSIM with an iPhone Xr, Xs, or Xs Max on a 2 year term. 


***Update*** As of 10/17/2019 eSIM can be activated in any Fido Corporate store. Check out our store locator to find the nearest one. 


***Update*** eSIMs are available in all retail stores except Best Buy.

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Yes my 3a XL is on Android 10 / Android Q.

Thank you!


You may need to switch to a mobile plan, but I'll have to verify that to be sure. We'll post an update here once we have the answer.


Thanks for your patience!

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What's the answer?  Can those of us with only the data plan switch over to an eSIM?

Hey all! Thanks for your patience. Smiley


We're still looking into this. We'll post an answer here the moment we get one.


Thanks again!

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@FidoPhilippe @ryanrudolf Can you let us know if you're able to transfer your data-only plan to eSIM? Thanks!

Hello @AoS,


Welcome to the community!


It depends on the device you're using.


What kind of device are you using?

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Hi there! 

I have data only plan with 2 yrs contract but currently using that sim on my iphone 8. (from alpple store)

now i am thinking to buy iphone se 2020 (from apple as well) I would like to use my plan with esim on new iphone. is this possible? I do not have phone line plan with you, just data only. thank you! 


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Hey @naluant

Just a little follow-up here that you can get your new device and activate your eSIM to it. You can find out more information about this under ``How do I switch between devices if I have an eSIM?``on this page here.


I hope this helps. Smiley 

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Hi @FidoPierre 


Thank you for following up. My question is data only plan sim can switch to eSim on iPhone SE 2020?

Looking forward to hear from you again! 


Stay safe and healthy!

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I need  to swap my SIM for eSIM, as I got a new Iphone Xr and there is no stores open nearby, the closest one is 80Km away.

Is it possible to get it solved online?

Hello Community Smiley I was going over this thread and thought it would be good to give a quick update on  the swap of a E Sim with Fido.


The eSim cards are one-time use and cannot be transferred to another device if the customer chooses to change their mobile device.

Hey @jrnicoleti


I'll send you a PM to look into this Smiley


We'll chat soon!



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Hey @naluant


That's a good question. We're double-checking a couple of things and will get back to you as soon as we have more information. Smiley 


@FidoValeska is this official, Fido will not be supporting the eSIM?



At this time, there are no plans on supporting the eSIM, however, if anything changes, we will be announcing it on

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According to Apples website Fido supports eSim.


so when can we use it?

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Different question - would esim support also work for androids such as Pixel 2's and 3's?

Hey everyone!


At this time, you can only use a physical SIM card for your Fido line and the eSIM can be used for another plan with another carrier. This way you can use the dual-SIM functionality of the phone Smiley


If there are any updates, we'll keep everyone posted.

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Well that just sucks!! Completely defeats the object of an esim.....go figure Rogers/Fido doing this to us....

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Fully agree.

You guys are far behind competition in adaptation of the esim . The suggestion to use standard SIM card from Fido and go looking the  esim from someone else is useless and ridiculous.

I need the inverse. Use SIM card from work + esim from Fido.

You are just pushing existing customers to transfer their lines to those who offer it (Virgin and Bell). You will lose us guys.

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We should just all vote with our feet and go to Bell. Apple announces Fido now has ESim with the release of IOS12.1.1 but NOBODY at Fido knows they now support ESim.... How great is a company that has NO clue what's going on with it's services.... Clueless doesn't begin to describe Rogers/Fido.