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I have a fido customer since 2014 and have my both internet service n phone with you folks. I started the service with a byod s4 and then upgraded to an iphone 6s in 2015 and then current phone being iphone 7 in 2016. I have been problems with your service since i strted using my 7 as the phone was exchanged in apple store right after 3 days of my purchase. Now when i am trying to unlock my iphone 7 you guys have been keepig me in loops since day 1 i called for unlock request

Day 1- i called for unlocking and the rep had to open a ticket coz the phone imei i have(exchanged device) wasnt registered on your system(again not my fault). He advised me that i will be contacted by the back office team.

Day 2- i called back as i dint recieve any call back to follow up waited 1 hour on the call and was told by the rep that no ticket was sent to backoffixe, she have to re do it.

Day 3- backoffice called me back on my work timing when i cant pick phone and this happened 4-5 times when they called me on my work hours.

Day 4- i called back waited 1 hour and spoke to some guy named atul on january 3rd around 8 pm and he was so far the worst rep i have spoken to. He had no clue what he was saying and made no sense. And then when i asked him to connect me to a manager he firstly put me on mute hold for 15 min and then cold transfer me around 9:15pm when apparantely your guys office closes at 9. Still i waited for another hour for a manager and had to hang up after 2 hours.

Why it is becoming so difficult to do one simple thing tht is to unlock my phone. I do want to put a complaint firstly against this rep who cold transfered in his so called frustation and transfered even after he knows that the dept closes at 9.

Secondly i want to speak to a manager asap or i will have to take this issue to CRTC. I have never seen such a worst customer service where nothing resolves till the time you dont escalate it to a manager. If this is the customer service i am going to get i dont mind switching providers. Please reach me out either via email or phone at ****. If you are reaching out to me via phone please reach me out after 5pm. And if i miss call please reach out on my secondary number ****



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As a new customer this month I find it odd that you have to go through this much trouble to get help and then end up here on the Fido community to get help !!


Thi is not a little start up mobile cellphone company so stop acting like it is !!

Hire some more  staff for Jesus sakes and 

help your customers with there problems!’


The End

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Hi @CRUISE15 & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to read of your experience; this definitely isn't what we want for our customers. Sad


That said, I'll be more than happy to look into this with you; I'll send you a PM.

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where can i find the message?

@CRUISE15 When you click on your avater, you should see an envelope. Click on that to see your messages. Smiley

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did not receive any text message from you folks.

@CRUISE15 I sent a private message, not a text message. You can find it in your Community inbox. Smiley