Error on Fido website to change my number online

Error on Fido website to change my number online

Error on Fido website to change my number online

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Error on Fido website to change my number online

Hi all,


I relocated to Richmond Hill from Montreal and I still have 514 number. I think I need to change my 514 number to Ontario one.

I tried many times to change it on Fido website, whenever I hit the button "confirm" it says "OH-OH!

Some error occurred. Please try again later."

I use Chrome web browser and I choose "Toronto" because there is no Richmond Hill on the menu.


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Hello Streng,


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  Depending on your plan details, you don't necessarily have to change your number to an Ontario one. If your plan has unlimited Canada-wide calling, you're good -- at least on your end...


  You should note that the plans follow the phone number so changing your number to an Ontario one will likely require you to change your plan to an Ontario plan as well. That is probably the reason why the system gave you an error when you tried to change it yourself.


  It's true it might be a little more of an inconvenience for your new local area to call yourself. However, most larger businesses and cell phone providers have or offer Canada-wide calling.


  Just a thought...


Hope this helps Smiley



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I have the same problem. I moved to Toronto from Montréal and I am unable to my number.

I have an unlimited Canadian wide calling plan. So like you said, good for me. But everytime I call my boyfriend who has a local 100 minutes plan, he loses his minutes, and it's so weird and annoying. 

Hey @ngynminh


Do you need help changing your Fido number ? 


I get that it's an inconvenience for your boyfriend. Keep in mind that if he doesn't have unlimited incoming calls his minutes will still be used, he doesn't get charged long distance though !  Have him reach out to us so we can review his plan options!  

Hello @ngynminh,


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I know it might sound weird since you are in Toronto now. If he has local minutes its still a long distance call for him because you have a Montreal number.


You could consider putting the two lines on one account and then you should benefit from the free circle calling.


Hi @streng,


PM coming your way in just a bit!


Hello @streng


Can you try clearing your browser cache and then retry or use a different browser and let us know if you still get the error.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Firefox: no

Explore: no

Chrome with clearing browser cache: no



@streng a moderator here can PM you and assist you with the number change.