Ending plan

Ending plan

Ending plan

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Ending plan

I put my plan onto suspension for 3 months while overseas, because I wasn't sure if and when I'd be coming back. Now I need to end my plan completely. Can I do that online? I don't have access to a phone to call a fido representative and was wondering if there was another way.
Also, will my phone be locked to fido? Or is it unlocked?


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Hi @erinmaclarke


I'll send you a PM and we'll check that out. 


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You can reach out to Fido from any of the listed methods here they also have international numbers and they do accept collect calls or you can message them.


If you got your phone from Fido it will be locked and you will need to have it unlocked to work with another compatible provider. Fido charges $50 to unlock a phone you can get more info here.