EXT works, but roaming is turned off!

EXT works, but roaming is turned off!

EXT works, but roaming is turned off!

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EXT works, but roaming is turned off!



My new iPhone shows two weird things:


1. My “current period roaming” is 174mb. But I’ve never travelled out of country with this phone. Is it EXT?


2. It connects to EXT automatically even though my roaming is turned off. It’s ok because it doesn’t cost extra, but I would like to know ... technically should EXT be blocked due my settings?





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Hey david778!


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When it comes to your usage tracking our self-serve tool will show your overall usage on both the Fido network and on the Extended Coverage, and not the usage specifically on Extended Coverage. Where are you seeing 'current period roaming'? Is that in My Account or under your device's network settings?


Do you mean that you have data roaming deactivated in your device's network settings or that you have had access to roaming blocked at the account level? 


Unless you have had roaming access blocked at the account level, you will be able to access the Extended Coverage, but, you may need to turn on your data roaming so that your device can connect to data while in an Extended Coverage area. You do not need to worry about using your plan while on the Extended Coverage as all usage (talk, text and data) while in an Extended Coverage area is charged as per your existing plan, just as if it was on our network.