Dropping calls on Samsung S6

Dropping calls on Samsung S6

Dropping calls on Samsung S6

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Dropping calls on Samsung S6

I've started to have constant drops while I'm on the phone and I think that is related to weak signal. I have a Samsung S6 bought in Dec.2015 so a brand new phone.
I was thinking that touching somehow the phone's display to my ear I'm causing that but yesterday trying to call 3 times my bank through my hands free it dropped 3 times the call. Moving about 100 m I've succeeded to make that call.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.




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To disable LTE mode, you need to go to Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode -> select WCDMA/GSM auto connect instead of LTE/WCDMA/GSM auto connect. 

You can also refer to this video here for more info. 

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Since you mentioned that by moving about 100 m you get better reception, I'm thinking about a location problem. 

There might be a blind spot at that location, I'll ask you to try and disable the LTE and test again. 

You should see a nice improvement. 

Keep me updated with the results.