Double texts and error messages

Double texts and error messages

Double texts and error messages

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I'm a Participant Level 1

Double texts and error messages


People have been receiving two copies of my texts for some time now and recently my texts have been going through but my phone is telling me they've failed to send. I've had this problem occasionally in the past and restarting my phone and resending the text would work. However, over the last day or so it's been almost every text I send.

I have a Galaxy S6 Edge. Would anyone have any idea what could be causing these issues? Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Re: Double texts and error messages

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Hi everyone, 


Just letting you all know that the issue is now fixed. 


Thanks so much!

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Please don't flag this as solves as it clearly hasn't.

I'm getting the same reported issues for about 2 weeks now and several of my contacts have complained of the ridiculous flood of sms messages. I work in a professional setting and it's unacceptable to have this issue lasting this long .

When is this being fixed? It better be this week as I'm eying that news s8 and my contract is coming up.

Until then removed the "solved" flag.
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Still having the same issue as everyone in this thread. This has to be resolved asap fido! Thanks.
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Hi  Brigitte, 


I am also having issues again with the double texting and error messages. 

It just started and this is annoying and ridiculous. 



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The situation is NOT fixed by any means!! Single send out text messages are being repeated 12X as of 130pm EST.. FIDO! Please get this resolved and start reporting the actual problem in real time somewhere? 

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I keep receiving multiple text messages of the same message minutes and up to hours after. Also, I have been told my sing texts have been sent multiple times as well. What is the problem? How do I fix it? Is the Fido network undergoing some sort of problem?

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Thank god i found this thread! because i'm having the same exact issue and my friends thought I was crazy lol Can someone please tell me if yours got fixed



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I was able to fix the issue by deactivating the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) functionnality on my Samsung S7 Edge through the native Calling App settings... The issue started this afternoon (April 11th) for me and was severly affecting my ability to send text messages and even more severly annoying all my friends I'd been flooding of my failed SMS...

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Problem has not been resolved. It is very annoying!

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This problem is not fixed, multiple texts have been received when I text (up to 8 each).

The texts are going through when they have said "retry".


I have an LG 4.


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I have been having this problem for a few days now, every message I send I recieve an error message and people I send texts to are getting vast amounts of the same message, the record so far is nineteen times for one text. More recently now, I have been recieving duplicate texts as well, sometimes for hours after the original message was sent.


I know that some people's phones have reverted back to normal, any idea how long your phones were like this for?

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I have been having this issue for over a week now, and as of 5 minutes ago, it is STILL not resolved! Angry They told me to contact tech support, but after over 45 minutes on hold, I hung up!  What the heck?!  I didn't know if it was just my phone or the whole Fido system... glad to know it is not just me or my phone! So frustrating!  A friend told me that they got one text, 6 times, but on my end it had an error message saying it wouldn't send....GRRR!!!  So my friends think I am blowing up their phone, but I am not meaning to, and didn't know the messages were sending at all.  

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That's what's happening to me too. Many errors sending , a million multiples in and out. Going on day two and I just bought this phone so I'm not impressed I'm already dealing with problems.
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mrgaryz is correct. 
We're aware that some of our customers are experiencing this and we're working on it.
Everything will be back to normal soon!

Hi everyone, 


Just letting you all know that the issue is now fixed. 


Thanks so much!

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Hello there, I am still having this issue. Multiple texts when sending msgs. Please advise!!!

Hey @kidklassic83,


We're aware that the issue is back at the moment  for some of our customers.


We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!  Rest assured though that we're already looking into it and working as fast as possible to get it fixed!


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I just got my new LG G5 phone on Saturday and my friends have just told me today that they are receiving duplicates of all my texts. Help please Sad 

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Hey everyone! We're sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Our network team has been investigating this issue to get this resolved as quickly as possible! 

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Im still having problems with double text and slow text messages when will this be fixed?
Starting to get annoyed with this.

Hey @ME3Po,


Welcome to our Community! Smiley


I've moved your post here, since it's an already existing thread.


Real sorry that you're still having issues with your texts! I just need a bit more info to figure out what's going on.


Can you let me know what phone model you're using? Also, when did this issue start for you?