Does Fido actually have supervisors?

Does Fido actually have supervisors?

Does Fido actually have supervisors?

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Does Fido actually have supervisors?

I have had an extremem degree of technical failures with my phone and have gotten no help from the vast majority of people i call, They create a call for tech support pass it on and it would be closed without anything being done about the problem.  For almost a month i was calling every couple of days and they can offer me nothing, when i ask to speak to a supervisor i usually wait on the line for 40-60 minutes while being told that "its early" "its late" "they are in a meeting" "there are only 3 supervisors and they are busy".

On top of that the notes are often incoherant and contradictory involving myself either elaborating on them for an extended period of time or just being told that that is not what the note says.

All Fido has done to "solve my account problems" Is tell me that my unlocked device is not garonteed therefore i will need to use a Fido device and My Fido device will not work because my account is for an unlocked device.

The next step in filing a complaint is to talk to a supervisor however they will not let me speak to one, if they even do exist.

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Re: Does Fido actually have supervisors?

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There are always supervisors present at Fido during our work hours. However, the task of resolving customer issues is the responsibility of the customer service agents, not that of the superiors. Their primary responsibility is to manage the agents that work for them as well as provide coaching and support. That is often why they are not always available to come to the phone to handle a dispute or complaint live.


As for the issues you are experiencing, care to specify? Perhaps the community can help.

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