Does Fido actually have supervisors?

Does Fido actually have supervisors?

Does Fido actually have supervisors?

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Does Fido actually have supervisors?

I have had an extremem degree of technical failures with my phone and have gotten no help from the vast majority of people i call, They create a call for tech support pass it on and it would be closed without anything being done about the problem.  For almost a month i was calling every couple of days and they can offer me nothing, when i ask to speak to a supervisor i usually wait on the line for 40-60 minutes while being told that "its early" "its late" "they are in a meeting" "there are only 3 supervisors and they are busy".

On top of that the notes are often incoherant and contradictory involving myself either elaborating on them for an extended period of time or just being told that that is not what the note says.

All Fido has done to "solve my account problems" Is tell me that my unlocked device is not garonteed therefore i will need to use a Fido device and My Fido device will not work because my account is for an unlocked device.

The next step in filing a complaint is to talk to a supervisor however they will not let me speak to one, if they even do exist.

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Re: Does Fido actually have supervisors?

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There are always supervisors present at Fido during our work hours. However, the task of resolving customer issues is the responsibility of the customer service agents, not that of the superiors. Their primary responsibility is to manage the agents that work for them as well as provide coaching and support. That is often why they are not always available to come to the phone to handle a dispute or complaint live.


As for the issues you are experiencing, care to specify? Perhaps the community can help.

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Im not the one saying it, Im the one passing it on. Fido does not guarantee services on unlocked phones is an excuse used for why it took repeated calls after calls after calls with no response followed by the bill suspension. I firmly believe the man who gave me that believed it would be entirely moot because if i had gotten a call in 24 to 48 hours i would have had it for 0 bills. The phone worked just fine , the provider didn't, and the phone was a convenient scapegoat.

Hi BRex,


Even though we can't guarantee that any of our services will work on an unlocked phone as it isn't configured for our network, I can assure you that the use of an unlocked phone would not prevent us from being able to contact you. 


Hope this helps. 

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What would make this right would be providing me with answers. I have been told in e-mails that the follow up on this is completely confidential and i will never know. In fact to the untrained observer it would look exactly like nothing was done.

Despite their assurances that this is not how they do business and this shouldn’t have happened, it continues to be the way they operate and how they are doing business. Over year ago a Fido representative actually had some faith in this company and basically made a promise that if i couldnt speak to a manager i wouldnt pay a thing. That backfired. in the weeks after they gave up with that and i started calling again i managed to get in contact with exactly zero of them. Getting a call escalated to managers is a necesary step in solving an issue, even if


My last e-mail contained these questions:


Will I receive any sort of response from fido, specifically anyone in a position of authority as to what went wrong and what can and will be done about it?

Is fido reneging on the promise to suspend my account charges until I am contacted?

Will I ever even get either contacted by or given a name of someone in a supervisory position to allow me to further escalate a complaint?

Is this situation considered resolved and do you consider it resolved satisfactorily?


I think i got the worst possible answer to all of them however i question if they were even read.  I have seen no proof that fido has supervisors, despite them being a necessary step in filing a complaint and the staffs insistance that they exist and searching for them is a waste of time. A waste of time i am not interested in continuing. If someone can explain what happened and how it will be remedied in the future feel free to.

Hi BRex, I just replied to your email.


We're still here to help as much as we can. 



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funny, because it looks no different from avoiding questions and responsibility.

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okay, Fido claimed that due to my using an unlocked device was the reason my data plan payed by fido dollars did not work. Inserting my simcard in a locked fido phone did not correct the problem. even after contacting fido and informing them of the change. Basically what i was told, and i am paraphrasing here, is that my unlocked phone had damaged the account so it will never work again. The workaround to this was to give me a paid data plan and discount it to zero. this left me with a few questions:
How is data paid with fidodollars fundamentally different to data payed for with cash and why does my phone care?
since the same problem occured on a fido device how can this be caused by my unlocked device?
why is this workaround referred to as "goodwill"? considering i am paying you for service and part of that contract is the "fidodollars" this seems more like doing your job than some sort of charity. I was told that due to both this and another failure for fidodollars purchaises for a travel plan that i am out of "goodwill". does this mean you are prepaired to simply stop providing me service?

I would also like to ask, what about my unlocked phone makes it impossible for anyone with some position of authority to contact me and explain what is going on and if my technical problems were corrected by upgrading the account and using the same unlocked phone, how can this be the devices fault?

Hey BRex,
Whether you have a FidoDOLLARS add-on or a regular option, the service is essentially the same. However, certain phones require specific data plans, if the wrong one was added, the service could potentially not be available. On the other hand it may also be a provisioning issue; the option is in the account but it isn't registered by the system. 
The term goodwill may not have been used correctly in this situation; if there's an issue that needs to be fixed, it's not goodwill it's something that needs to be fixed. Don’t worry about running out, it has nothing to do with the service we provide.
Lastly, to determine exactly what could’ve caused the problems, I’d have to access your account. Feel free to reply to the PM we sent you. Once thing’s for sure, unlocked phones are not always configured the same way which is why troubleshooting is limited on our end. If it was a provisioning issue, then your phone is not at fault. 




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Well it actually really couldn't have been the phone, i switched to a fido device to test it and it still did not work, I tried explaining this to fido over the phone but they still blamed the unlocked phone.


And "Goodwill" is almost certainly being used incorectly, unfortunetly it is being done by people who have controll over my account and are able to make changes and shut things down with zero accountability, as anyone with a position of authority in this case is completely unreachable.


Have you not yet recieved a response to my private message?

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I had a massive amount of technical problems, these included but were not limited to:


Voicemail failing to record messages

voicemail failing to notify me of the messages it did save

who called texts not being sent

things purchaised with fido dollars not working

caller ID not working


about a year ago (shortly after making the origional post) i got through to a man who managed to fix all the technical problems i had been having, and calling daily about for the past 3 months and frequently before that, in one afternoon. I had told him that i still wanted to escalate this because of the massive amount of pointless phonecalls i had made to people who were either unwilling or incapable of providing any help, he told me there were no supervisors on staff but he would have one call me. After explainig that i had been trying to contact one for an extended period of time, even if it was just to progress to the next step of a complaint, and none would speak to me i was given a suspension on my bills until such a time as i was contacted by someone, as an offer of trust. The credit ran out after 1 year and still no contact. It was literally easier to provide me with free cell service for a year than it was to just pick up the phone and tell me why so many things were just horribly wrong

Upon calling Fido to ask, where is my supervisor call i was told, in the form i have come to expect from fido, that it was in fact my non-fido phones fault. That fido does not guarantee that non fido devices will work. I would love for someone to explain how that makes sense.

When i called today i waited 15 minutes on hold after trying to escalate a call and started writing this. I would either like my suspension back as per our agreement, or someone to contact me about how this is allowed to go on and what will be done if i have technical problems in the future.

Hey Brex,


Have your technical problems all been resolved for the moment? When using an unlocked phone or a phone that comes from a different provider, it is true that we can't guarantee the services will work properly on it. We do our best to offer as much support as possible in those cases but once it has been ruled that there is no network issue and no account issue, it is very much possible that the phone be at fault. If it is the case, there is very little support to be offered at that point. 


That being said, I will be sending you a private message to see how we can resolve your situation.


Feel free to give an update to the community once resolved!

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They have been, everything that i was calling about more than every other day for several months was fixed in an afternoon by one person who actually looked into it. I am assuming that your best isnt much as had i not devoted hundreds of hours searching for one person who would actually make a change i would have gotten nothing. and for much of the time i was using a locked Fido device for diagnostic purposes you still blamed the phone.

Community Specialist

Good morning BRex!


Thanks for getting back to us. Sorry it took you this long to get a resolution. 


To benefit the community, would you mind sharing the details of the issue you experienced with your phone, as well as the solution? 


This would be really helpful for anyone else who may experience the same issue in the future. 



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As it was explained to me by the man who fixed everything up for me, the problem was that the additional services i was paying for used an old system that was discontinued, the solution was to basically sign me up for the same services that were active. Since i signed up for the plan before the existance of fido dollars, services purchaised with fido dollars could not work. Several dozen people before and after this have however said that my account has been tainted by using an LG Optimus Quantum and thus all future phones and plans will have freak undiagnosable failures up to and including an inability for fido staff to phone me when they say they will. Personally i beileve the first because a friend of mine had a similar breakdown in his service having purchaised a plan in the same year as I did, he however just left as he did not want the confrontation, he was probably smarter than i was. He was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 locked to fido and had not suffered the taint of the Optimus.

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I suppose it should be pointed out, although i thought it would be obvious, that i do not consider the issue resolved. Fido has decided they can shut down services at any time, an have belittleingly pointed out that its basically by, as they said, "goodwill" that i get anything at all. There is NO WAY to contact a supervisor when they just decide to ignore the problem or just make up some garbage answer that does not even need to make sense because there are NO reprocussions.

No one seems to really be willing to acknowledge beyond an offhand "sorry it took so long" that Fido took MORE THAN A YEAR for a supervisor to contact me, and you still couldn't. The reason i was given? Unlocked phone.

None of this is acceptable, you are not children, I should be able to count on you to fulfill your obligations and promises. If we have a contract you have to uphold your end of it, if someone says they will do something they have to make sure it gets done. At some point in time i want someone to admit to the problems and tell me what will be done in the future to ensure i can get service if i need it. Who can i contact.

Hi BRex,


That is not how we do things. If you request a supervisor, and none are available at that time, then one would normally contact you within 24 to 48 hours. The phone that you use would not affect our ability to contact you, unlocked or not, and definitely will not taint the account in any way. 


That said, I will be reaching out to you by PM to see how we can make this right. 

Fido Employee

Hey BRex,


I came across this post and would like to know what happened in the end. Care to share?



Community Specialist

There are always supervisors present at Fido during our work hours. However, the task of resolving customer issues is the responsibility of the customer service agents, not that of the superiors. Their primary responsibility is to manage the agents that work for them as well as provide coaching and support. That is often why they are not always available to come to the phone to handle a dispute or complaint live.


As for the issues you are experiencing, care to specify? Perhaps the community can help.

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I asked to speak to a supervisor yesterday morning and was put on hold. Then I was told I'd get a call back. I'm still waiting. I talked to 5 "customer service agents" and still have not had my problem resolved. The "customer service agent" I spoke to yesterday was condescending and contradictory. If my problem isn't resolved I will contact consumer affairs and CTV's consumer reporter who would be very interested in how Fido has ripped me off.
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I've heard good things about complaining to the CCTS: