Disgusted by Call Centres abilities

Disgusted by Call Centres abilities

Disgusted by Call Centres abilities

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Disgusted by Call Centres abilities

I am an excellent Fido customer. I pay my bills on time in full. I always pay by or on the due date. I have referred friends and associates to Fido. After my experience today I question the ability of Fido to appropriatly resolve a problem with any reasonable explanation.

After 1 hour and 6 minutes in a call and put hold for up to 8 minutes at a time, I was finally put through to someone with the title of supervisor. A supervisor with no ability to offer a resolution. He could not even offer me a transfer to anyone with any authority. The best he could was write a memo to his boss and that I may get a call back in 24-48 hour. UNACCEPTABLE.

The problem:

My phone was stolen November 26, 2016. I reported it within 15 minutes of the theft to Fido. I called twice that evening and on November 27, 2016 I called 2 more times and spoke to a customer service person. All four that I spoke to went above and beyond in helping with the theft and replacement of a new phone. One of them assured me that I could have my phone put on the stolen list, rendering it unusable by any other carrier not just Fido. A few days later I even received an email confirming this was now done.

In one of the phone calls I was assured my billing date would remain the same as I was planning on getting a replacement phone at Fido the next day. I was told my current contract was ending March 6, 2017 (I think that was the date she mentioned but it was early March regardless).

In that or one of the other 3 calls I placed to Fido, with me explaing each time what had happened, one of them clearly said to me that I have been a great customer. I said I have always paid my bills on time and am happy with Fido. It is when she said that I would not be charged an activation fee and that the few months left in my contract is about $15 a month and this would be waived.

At the end of all this, I signed and received a new phone from Fido. I had to go to 2 stores to get the phone that Fido had reccomened to me that meets my needs. I mentioned to the person in the booth my conversations with Fido.

Today I go to pay the bill. I normally do not look at the account details and just pay the billed amount. The bill seemed just a little bit to high. It turns out that indeed I was not charged the activation fee and that my Fido Dollars were used with my permission. However what was charged was $62.50 for the months remaining on my old phone.

This evening I called customer service and the worst customer care and Fido customer care policies proved to be a scam and a switch and bait and I can do nothing culture of pass the buck.

Apparently, according to the supervisor I was eventually transferred to, there were no notes in the computer about any charges being waived. He echoed the same thing the first representitive told me. I pointed out there was no charge on my bill for the activation of the new phone either. The logic seemed to be lost on both of them.

I did my best to recap my concerns. I stated you are making me feel I am a liar. He kept repeating its not in the notes so he can do nothing. At this point it goes from bad to worse. I told him you will lose a good Fido customer for 60 bucks. I asked him to transfer me to his manager. He refused saying does not have any phone number he can trasfer me to. Right - there is no boss that has a phone. I told him I want to be transferred to his boss or a manager and I can leave a voice mail. He refused saying it is company policy not to put put calls through and that he does not have any number. Wow. What a bold face lie.

He then tells me he can ask for someone to call me back and they may call me in 24-48 hours. They MAY call me back in 24-48 hours? My due date is tomorrow.

I offered him a solution: credit the $62.50. Put a note in the account that it is subject to his managers discretion to agree or to reverse the credit - within 24-48 hours. In this way I will pay the revised  total amount owed tomorrow on the due date. He refused and admitted he could make the credit but it was not in the notes. He offerd if I paid the bill with the reduced amount and it is not eventually credited, he would authorize a credit for late interest payment.

What a patronizing inadequate and unprofessional answer. He is well aware I have paid all my bills in full on time. Now he is telling me to short the billed amount. I pointed out that it would show up as a late payment on Fido and credit bureau files. UNACCEPTABLE.

To recap: no note - no credit (except for the no note but no charge for activation), somehow thats different??

No manager to talk to or that I could leave a voice mail for because there are no phone numbers he has.

All he can do is write a meme that I may get a reply to and it may be in 24-48 hours.

I am appalled at this treatment. I am appalled at the lies of no phone number he could transfer me to. I am appalled that Fido is so unconcerned about a good customer and are prepared for me to walk away for 60 bucks because someone forgot that part of the notes. I had even mentioned the person in the booth about the waived charges. He has replied yes they do that sometimes for good customers.

Well, so much for Fidos reputation.

I will pay the full bill tomorrow. I will also be shopping for a new cell provider. Once gone they will not win me back. I will also repeat this story for months. I doubt they care about customer retention. They will with the increased competition. It will be to little to late. Rogers/Fido has only one reputation for customer service. It is degrading. MTS has regained much of its former reputation as has Bell.

Can you tell yet how pissed off I am? Can you tell yet how disappointed in what was once great customer service is not a company that in effect calls me a liar and refuses to even offer a solution or even a manager to talk to. This is how companies that fail treat their customers. So yes. I am pissed off.




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Hey @JimA


Thanks for reaching out Smiley


I understand your frustration in regards to this situation. I'd hate to get an offer to then see something different on my invoice. 


Waiving the balance on a device is not something that we normally offer, which could have been why you were told it wasn't possible due to the lack of documentation. I will send you a PM so we can review your account together . 


I also wanted to add that in some cases, supervisors are not available immediaely which is why you would get a call back within 24-48 hours. It's not ideal but it happens!  They will however call you back for sure! It's not a maybe, it's a certainty. 


We'll talk soon! 

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Your reply is simply not accurate


Waiving a small portion of fees and costs are common customer retention practice in any business that values customers and where appropriate. So also is waiving the activation fee. Even the people at the kiosks told me that.  I do admit I was pleasantly suprised at the pro-active customer care in evey call I have had in this matter and since 2012 when i joined Fido. 


Secondly what the supervisor clearly repeated several times is that there are NO PHONE NUMBERS he has for anyone. That is a clear lie. What a great Fido ethic - lie to your customers.


Third. You apparently did not notice I said I would like to leave a voice mail for a manager. Do not patronize me as well. I am well aware managers may not be available all the times. I rather think you know that is one of the primary reasons to have voice mail.


Fourth. Assuming a call is returned what will change? It is clear from the supervisor and representitive there are no notes in waiving either fee, despite one being waived without the note. Therefore it is obvious no one will waive the other one now. Indeed, if someone should have been able to make this decision it needed to be the supervisor that is on duty and not some person who may or may not deal with it in 48 hours. I offered an interim solution. Even that is beyond your supervisors ability to decide. This is an unhealthy, unempowered culture at Fido I have not seen before. How some things slide so fast stuns me.


Fifth. I don't want a call from you or anyone at Fido unless it is an apology. I don't want repeats of the feeble unprofessional reponses I was offered. Review the account all you want. Don't PM me. I already know what happened. I already know what I was told about the fees. And I now know it is because of no notes. Fine. Stick to that story. It must never have happened in the history of Fido so if its not there now it didn't happen.


Thanks anyway Ranya. I'm done discussing. I will pay my bill in full tomorrow. I intend to shop for another provider as I know there will be no change and no simple apology. Thats likely in the new revised policy manual at Fido.





Hey @JimA,


I'm  sorry you felt patronized, I assure you that was not our intention at all! We're here to help you and make sure that you get the right info regarding our services, products and processes and I'll be happy to go over everything with you Smiley


Concerning our Customer relations processes, we do have loyalty offers that we can present to our long time customers. However, these offers are pre-determined and change quite often. For this reason, it is possible that you have received certain offers in the past that we can no longer apply now due to them no longer being available.


Please keep in mind that all our services and policies are subject to change at any time, therefore it can happen that certain offers that were made in the past can't be applied right now, simply because they no longer exist.


As for your supervisor request, I assure you 100% that the only way to get in touch with one is if we transfer you, as they don't have a direct number that we can provide. For this reason, it's not possible to leave a supervisor a voice message. I understand it might be something you'd like to be able to do, however it's not part of our practices. I assure you that if that were possible, we would simply present it to you as on option. As @FidoRanya mentioned, it can happen that they're not available to take the call right away, but in that case, please rest assured that an actual supervisor will always give you a call back within 24-48 hours.


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go and we'll be happy to take another look into this with you.


If you change your mind, answer our PM and we'll be glad to continue Smiley