Disappointed with customer service!!!

Disappointed with customer service!!!

Disappointed with customer service!!!

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Disappointed with customer service!!!

I called Fido yesterday and told them that my wife's phone had broken down. I made it clear on the call that I was looking to retain the plan and upgrade to Nexus 6P. I was told that after all calculations (add upgrade fee, subtract fido dollars), the amount I had to pay was approx. $118-$119. 

This morning the phone arrived... along with the order bill of $288. I was not expecting this amount, else I would have clearly stated that I will not proceed with the contract. I provided the interaction ID provided by the customer service person yesterday, but no surprise, she did not add the amount on the notes; I asked them to check their recording to confirm the amount, which they did not do. They are asking me to return the phone.


To summarize, I wasted 1 hour yesterday and 45 min today for something that I did not order at the price quoted by Fido. After 8 yrs of being with Fido, this is what you get. Their plans are not competitive, the website, the lesser said the better. Customer service quotes plans not available on the website, promises phones at a price, which they are unable to meet. 


I have decided to move on, not just my wife's number, but mine as well. I am sure, Fido does not care about losing business and loyal customers... after all why would loss of 2 people's business matter to them?


Just one suggestion before leaving, please train your Fido reps with basic math to calculate or provide them systems and applications which are easy to operate and use for customer service!!! And for the nth time... improve your user experience on your website and mobile applications... they are pathetic to say the least!!!



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Re: Disappointed with customer service!!!

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Hey @adosuza1980!


That doesn't seem right. I'll send you a PM shortly so we can look into this together Smiley

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I've been a fido customer for a decade now and there has been instances that customer service reps acts like they owned the company..even had experience just this morning talking to a rep explaining to her I've renewed my contract and even get another line under my account..now waiting for the phone for 4days now saying it will be shipped out for 48hrs..wait for the tracking number to be sent to my email but nothing! The worse thing was they adviced me at first to pick up my phone on the first day,went to pick up but nothing too! The store even mentioned to me that they will not carry such phones anymore coz they are facing it out..( iPhone 6Splus )They are giving customers misleading information and letting customers on a waiting game.

The one thing more..they started charging me with my new plan when I renewed my contract without enjoying the phone I ordered..

Hey @darlene


Thanks for reaching out about this, it's definitely not what we want you to experience!


I sent you a private message to help you with this.


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My wife ordered a 2 iPhone 6S Plus for her and our daughter, it's been 4 days and we are still waiting for it. The customer service said it will arrived in 2 days but they cannot give any tracking number. 

The Customer service(as I recall her name is Noel,a girl, a rude one) suggested to cancel the order and recreate the agreement including the ordering process again. Really? After waiting for 4 days.. Now they cannot give us an ETA for the device to be shipped. Planning to cancel the 2 agreements now as we needed the phones.


Hi there @Efren


Thanks for taking the time to reach out! I understand there's been delays for your phone orders & I'm definitely sorry about that! We'd hate to lose you as a customer because of this..


Just to clarify: whenever we ship-out a phone, you would usually receive a Tracking Number by email in the following 48h. 


If there's been any mistake in the placement of the phone order, that might explain why the phones were not shipped out. I'd love the chance to take a closer look at this situation with you Smiley I'll be sending you a PM to discuss this further!

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Man fido service is really bad. They need to improve. i called them and more than 45 minutes i am on the phone to reach them. we don't have free time too. please improve that

Hi @wailwinoo & welcome to the Community!


We're aware of the delays and are working on answering everyone as quickly as possible. Were you able to get assistance?

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I understand your fustration, but before you cancel your contract for another provider consider the following.


Telephone customer service has always been a hit/miss experience. This applys to Fido but other carriers and even other industries as well. The point is if you leave Fido for another carrier you will likely get the same level of telephone customer service, which is hit or miss.


Carriers plans are not getting any cheaper, if you have a good grandfather plan you will lose it if you switch carriers. So much sure whatever you are switching to you are not paying more in the long run.


Now to help resolve your furtration with telephone service. my suggestion is to always call again to confirm whatever agreed upon with another customer service rep to aviod surprises. Don't take the first call details for granted.


Fido has a good forum to seek advice and answers, which I see you already know about.


Lastly, consider using the Fido Live Chat option, its the same as telephone call but you can download and save the transcript of what is being changed for your account. so no more I said/you said situation.


Hope this helps!


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Hey @adosuza1980!


That doesn't seem right. I'll send you a PM shortly so we can look into this together Smiley

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Still awaiting to hear from Fido after somebody messaged that they will connect shortly.

Hey @adosuza1980


Sorry about that, I'm on it right now!