Device protection is NOT through Fido--did you know that??? I didn't ...Asurion

Device protection is NOT through Fido--did you know that??? I didn't ...Asurion

Device protection is NOT through Fido--did you know that??? I didn't ...Asurion

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Device protection is NOT through Fido--did you know that??? I didn't ...Asurion

I am wondering if anyone else has had an experience they'd like to share wrt a claim with Asurion. I have a few issues:


1. When I purchased my phone, I was offered "Device Protection" for $10 per month--if my phone was lost, stolen, or damaged, I could replace it for a lower price than the outright purchase price. I assumed I was buying this service from Fido, whose service over the past few years has been pretty good.


2. Seven days after I bought my phone my phone was stolen. I tried to replace my phone at Fido, was handed a brochure with a phone number to call--Asurion--whose service I had unknowingly purchased. No-one informed me this insurance was through a third party, i.e., Asurion. I had no opportunity to decide whether I wanted to purchase a third-party insurance service--hello, CRTC, how do you like that marketing!!! 


3. Another surprise: replacement is not necessarily with a new phone, it is either a new or refurbished phone--another point that would make me think twice about purchasing this insurance.


4. Receive replacement LG G3 twenty-one days after reporting it as stolen to Fido.


5. Replacement does not work--after three phone calls to Fido and still unable to connect to Fido network, advised to return it to Asurion.


6. Asurion does not have this phone in stock, must wait "3-7 business days" for it to come into their warehouse, after which they will call me to confirm my shipping information, then they will ship it out. If I'm lucky I should have another "new or refurbished LG3" sometime in the first week of September--six to seven weeks after the theft of the phone.


How many people can function without  a cel phone for 6-7 weeks????


I will mention that after complaining a couple weeks into this, Fido gave me a credit to offset some of my data usage charges, which of course I am not using ....



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Hey minniepurlgirl, I’ll do my best to help!


Because we’re not an insurance company, we can’t sale insurance. Although we’re not the one providing the service, it’s still related to your Fido account.


The replacement phones are new, refurbished or remanufactured. All the details related to the service are available in the document you received by mail and in the terms in conditions available right here.


Did you contact Asurion right after reporting the phone stolen? Do you still have the replacement phone? 


I'm sending you a PM so I can take a look at your account. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Rachel,


I appreciate your message ... what I am objecting to is the sale of the insurance without full disclosure as to who is providing the service--I can't see how that is OK. I was not able to make a purchasing decision based on what I was buying. I was under the impression that day, in the Fido store, that  I was buying products and services from Fido.


I just read over my account maintenance agreement, which is what was provided to me when I made the purchase of the phone and device protection, in the store--there is nothing about the $10 device protection on that document except for the handwritten notation by Justin my sales rep:


$10 Device Protection

- expires July 9, 2016

-$200 for replacement

-lost/damaged to make a claim

-removable anytime

-$25 credit additional


Did I contact Asurion right after reporting the phone stolen? Yes ... once someone at Fido finally told me that is what I had to do--and even that took a return trip to your store, as the person to whom I reported the theft of the phone recommended that I block the account, but did not tell me anything about how to get my phone replaced--so i assumed I would just have to go into the Fido store.


Yes I still have the replacement phone, which only allows phone calls, no e-mail or messaging unless on wifi--no data network connection possible--this, determined after three calls to your help line, one of them about 90 minutes long.


I am curious ... have you, as an individual, ever had to make a claim with Asurion?


... it is not obvious how to send a private message, so just going to post this.



Thanks for all the details minniepurlgirl.


The PM option is at the top right, there should be a 1 since I already sent you a message. 


To answer your question minniepurlgirl, I never personally submitted a claim.



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 Hi FidoRachel,


I think if you had to go through Asurion to replace your phone--experience the lenghty waiting periods without a phone, receive a replacement phone that then doesn't work, go through it again--you would have some empathy for what it's like ... I see from a search on this discussion board that I am not the only Fido customer who has not had a good experience.


Perhaps you should recommend that the Fido team send some "secret shoppers" to get some first-hand experience  ....


Fingers crossed that my next "refurbished" phone is fully functional ....


Have you any information for me re why I wasn't given any information when I purchased the Device Protection--about Asurion, or how to make a claim?





I understand your situation and I truly want to help minniepurlgirl. Were you able to view my PM? 


I wouldn't be able to tell you why the rep didn’t provide you with this information.