Device Savings Recovery Fee / Service Cancellation Fee

Device Savings Recovery Fee / Service Cancellation Fee

Device Savings Recovery Fee / Service Cancellation Fee

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Device Savings Recovery Fee / Service Cancellation Fee

Fido charged me 50 and called it Device Savings Recovery Fee..   lost my phone that i owned and  was month to month.  I purchase a 2 year smart plan from Fido but one hour later i changed the plan and fido bill me $50.  To get the new plan i had to cancel my plan and phone number to get new one ... so in one hour can they bill be cancellation fee also if i still remain a fido customer..



another thing the invoice so confusing i have engineering degree and it's difficult for me why do they make it so difficult ..


I believe that all cell company do same,  find encrypted ways to screw you over..  hate shady cell dirty/


Anyway i called and they wouldn;t revirse the charge but i will call again talk to different support hopefull with little more expereince and comon sense and get it reverse..  just ticked i have to go through this **bleep**.....



by the way this is fact had the plan for one hour and changed to new upgraded smartplan --





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Hey stevedupe,


Care to share what happened? Was it clarified?



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Fido offered me a new plan under the same contract. How can they charge me for changing it? They said it was a promotion and I was not told I would be charged 50.00. If I have to pay this fee I will cancel the whole thing. That's dirty business


This issue can be one of two things, first you may have misunderstood your phone contract. A lot of people say they own thier phone but there is still money owing on it, like buying a house, you own it but the bank puts a lien on it till you pay it off. Second option this was done in error CSR might have placed your byop on a contract by mistake selecting wrong code during activation. If second option this can always be looked into by a moderator if you reach out

Hey @Sonyadeanne, thanks for using the Community Smiley


The only reason why you would get charged for changing your plan is if you are breaking your current agreement.


Did you have any type of contract attached to your plan?


Let me know Smiley





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Some people refer to ''plan'' as ''service'' or ''contract'' so I can understand that. But changing phone number just makes no sense...

When you say that you purchased a 2year smart plan and then changed the plan, did you change to a standart plan? If you took contract on smart plan and then change to standart 1 hour later, ofcourse you will be charged Device Savings Recovery Fee since you are not respecting the terms of contract.

Now if this is not the case we would need some more details on what happend.
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wait a minute here, something doesnt sound right? why would u cancel your existing account and open a NEW account with a new number and plan?   you can get another phone if u lost yours and still keep your plan and number? somethings fishy here ur not telling us the whole facts