Deactivating Number

Deactivating Number

Deactivating Number

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Deactivating Number

Since Livechat is down and phone support line make me wait for hours... Ill just post it here hoping someone will reach me. 


1. I am leaving Canada for next 2+ years so I want to deactivate my phone

2. Before I go I want to use up my Fido Dollars or transfer it to someone else at least, if they will go away once deactivated


That's it. 

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Hi @chroner & welcome the the Community!


I'm sad to see that you'll be leaving us. Sad


We do offer a temporary suspension for up to 12 months if you don't have an agreement; let me know if that's something that would interest you.


As for the FidoDOLLARS, it's unfortunately not possible to transfer them to someone else. You'd need to use them before deactivating. They can be used towards a new phone/tablet, SIM card, Travel Pack, and certain add-ons.


Hope this helps!