Data overage charges when data not used

Data overage charges when data not used

Data overage charges when data not used

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Data overage charges when data not used

I was charged for 400 MB of data used in a matter of hours. All while my data wasn't in use. No apps running in the background and while I was in wifi in my home. Any video apps like YouTube and Netflix were still turned to "off" in my cellular settings. All this was double checked when I saw the text messages about overages. And I called right away. BUT Fido won't take any responsibility other than to offer $23 of the $60 in overages (eventually offering $33). I'm feeling super vulnerable right now. Especially since 2 separate agents agreed that they could see how diligent my history is about monitoring my data. Looking for a new carrier. Fido, you need to look out for your customers!


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I use an iphone5. I'm definitely not an amateur.  I've been using an iPhone for several years.  I know how to monitor data directly from my phone and I also use the fido app to check how my usage is going. Each month, on the 21st I reset the data use for my apps on my phone so I can see how much data each app is using. Again, I monitor things carefully and take full responsibility for data overages that I use. That was not the case in this instance. If there's something that I should've done as a user to further protect myself from overages then no agent has informed me in past conversations on this issue. I appreciate you investigating this further as nobody has been able to give me any answers after hours of phone conversations. 

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so agree with you, Bro.

My phone is Iphone 6s. couples of month the data ran just likes crazy. I can't find any useful information under fido my account. I even think to change company now.......


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Having trouble managing your data? Here are 8 tricks to minimize your consumption and get your usage under control Smiley 


Let us know if it helps! 

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Thank you for taking the time and providing this information. I would like to take a closer look into this with you. I'll send you a PM right away! Smiley 



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I completely understand how frustrating it can be to exceed your Plan, and on top of that - if you're not aware of "how" the data was used exactly. That's something we can definitely discuss here. You see, one of the things to consider is that the information about your data usage is actually available, directly from your phone!


We'll start from the top and take it from there Smiley


Can you tell me what phone model you're using?


On a side note, we offer 3 tools to all our users to track their phone usage during the month: 

1- By dialing *3337 from your Fido phone

2- By logging into MyAccount on

3- By logging into the Fido App, and click "view usage