Data not working

Data not working

Data not working

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Data not working

I do not have internet in my phone. This is the 3rd day I think. Very upset. I hope you are not going to charge me for the days I cannot use a service that I paid and I want to make an offial complain. Where should I go? I did not find anything in the web. Impossible to find it in this web.

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Hello Jujuca,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having troubles with internet on your device. Just to clarify, had you previously been able to access the internet with that phone? What phone are you using? Was it purchased from Fido? If not, have you verified that it is compatible with the networks? You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. Have you verified your phone is using the appropriate APN? You can verify those settings here.


  Also, are you able to make/receive calls and/or send/receive text messages?


  If the phone was purchased from abroad, have you tried to enable roaming? Some phones purchased outside of Canada think they are roaming when they are outside of their target areas even though they might be using a local SIM.


Hope this helps Smiley