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Data blocking and unblocking

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am looking for a place to make a suggestion. Every month my daughter reaches and exceeds her data and cannot afford to purchase more data. We watch her data usage and when it is exceeded we must call FIDO to block the data, then when her term renews we have to call again to re-activate the data.

Is there not a way users can block and unblock their own data by using the web or app? There is a lot of time wasted on the phone and often the hold process is greater than a half hour! Notice at $50 overage charges is not acceptable!

Please advise and I appreciate any help in this matter.





Hey @Junker13


I can totally understand how this situation is less than ideal for you. Have you tried what @Original_Lucy suggested? They are definitely great tips. Smiley


The best way to track your usage is via the Fido application. When you see her nearing her data limit, you can turn it off through her device settings. If she has an android device, she can also set a data limit according to her Fido billing cycle.


Lastly, I'd also suggest looking into a plan that fits her needs in terms of data consumption.

one more thing I thought of. You can download the Fido Mobile app and monitor useage in real time and then turn off data before you go over. If your daughter has a monthly pulse plan, and uses the app, there is also 5 free hours of data to use each month that could cut down on the personal data useage. If not, then maybe you could confer with one of the forum moderators here and find a cost saving solution to the extra charges. Hope that helps a bit, Cheers

Hi Junker13, that would drive me crazy. Have you tried turning data off in the settings? That way no data can be used unless your daughter turns it back on. Just a thought