Customer Service Wait Times

Customer Service Wait Times

Customer Service Wait Times

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Customer Service Wait Times

Hi. I have had a general question for Fido customer service and have been tryign to reach them for two days, but could not get through via phone, online chat or facebook chat. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen across any business. How could they just shut down their service - at least be responsive or issue a notice.


Has anyone had the same problem, and if so how did you finally reach Fido?

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I have been trying to get through since December 27, both voice and online chat where wait times exceed 45+ minutes to no avail. They don't even have a call back option like other cell carriers.  Worst ever customer service experience.  It seems that they're so busy signing new customers that existing ones get put to the back of the line.  Something I'll remember when renewal time comes.

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Same problem!!

just signed up and couldn’t believe the first months bill “SHOCKED !!

I notice when I was signing up the option for Fido to call you back was great!

then when your signed up that option is gone !!

how many people are manning the phones ?


Hi @Ms5star1!


Is there anything that I can help you with?

Hi @codeblue & welcome to the Community!


We've been quite busy these past weeks and are trying to get to everyone ASAP. Is there anything that I can help you with?

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You can help me!! I've been waiting over an hour on hold to talk to someone and through FAcebook chat is ridiculous. I respond and the so called person I'm talking to disappears until hours later or NEVER.  

Hey @flauw


We're getting a higher volume in this Holiday time so it's affecting our ways to get back to everyone, but if you contacted us on Facebook chat, we'll assist you on there with pleasure Smiley


Just keep in mind that there might be a delay between our replies

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Tried that. Delays between messages range from hours to days. Even my ex doesn't take that long go get back to me. 

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I just wanted to add my recent experiences with Fido customer service.


Short version: the wait times are bad enough that I am seriously considering changing providers after 15 years or so with Fido. I'm no Fortune 500 CEO, but my time is worth something.  


A billing issue in late December was resolved easily with a pleasant phone representative -  after I waited on hold for 55 minutes, during which I was forced to listen to music I think likely selected by DJs from Guantanamo Bay. 


Right now I am at minute 20 waiting both on the phone and "Live" chat to speak to someone about switching to an LTE-comptible SIM, but the online tool to do so coughs up an "invalid SIM" message)


I know all about the "unexpected call volumes" line - but it's no excuse for Fido's not offering the option of a callback, so their customers don't waste large chunks of their day on hold.  It betrays a simple lack of respect for their customers.  



Hey poutine666,


Were you able to get your SIM card activated? 


Let us know! If not we can send you a PM and get that taken care of here instead. 


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Hey @zuvgasner, I replied to your PM Smiley

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I have currently been on hold for 30 minutes when they said estimated wait time is 6-9 minutes! I thought I'd wait a few days for the craziness to subside but obviously it's still happening.

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LMAO I was on hold for 25 minutes before I gave up, it also told me there was a 6-9 minute wait time... i think they just straight up decided to cap the "wait time" despite the fact they have no one working at their call center..

I now have 20 minutes left on my monthly plan and im afriad to call them because it jipped me for 25 minutes already but I have to add more time to my plan before they start charging me a ridiculous 50cents a minute..


You are not alone.. if this doesnt get resloved contact me:


I will help set up a class action lawsuit for overcharging when were actively trying to get ahead of the bill this is some bull and i wont stand for it.

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Really happy to hear someone standing up against what is nothing but bull####t ! 


I'm currently on hold to find out why after never getting close to my data limit the past couple of months.  I'm almost out of 4 GB again.  Nothing on my end has changed. If I get an overage charge I WILL NOT PAY!! 


I tried twice last week to call before it was supposed to go over and could not get through. This is bull%%%T! !!! Text is a joke, plus you can't dispute via text anyway. 


The hold time is 1 hour! 


I'm mad as hell and can't stand it anymore!! 




Hey @pwatkins

Welcome to the Community!

Did you get the assistance you needed? If not, don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook Messenger or Twitter with the links here.


We can also send you a PM on here if you prefer to have a look at all that with you


Let us know!

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Last time it takes me 90+ min before it gets connected to the customer service. The online chat is worse, I didn't get connected to any representative after 90+ min of waiting.

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since last 4 week

  • call center down (super long wait).
  • social media replying your query 3 days after. 
  • Chat: I am unable to get connect after ever 2 hours wait
  • Instore visit: this is only one option for now will help for issue.


 they charge Activation / upgrade 25$ and  if you late 1 day bill payment than ready for panelty ...welcome to Fido. increase overcharge data fees 7$ for 100MB.


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We've been receiving an unusual volume of requests but we're working as fast as we can to get back to everyone as soon as we can. 


Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help, we're here for you Smiley