Customer Loyalty? It's a lie

Customer Loyalty? It's a lie

Customer Loyalty? It's a lie

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Customer Loyalty? It's a lie

I've been with Fido for about 8 years and about a year ago, I really needed to fight for a deal and judging from their plans on the website, it was the "best" they could offer. $60 for 2GB of data and unlimited everything else.


Then it was brought to my attention Tuesday night that prior to that they were just giving out 4GB with some other things for $40 to anyone new and old. I understand the boat for that deal had sailed but I figured being with them so long, I could possibly get some improvement for my plan in pricing and what I got. Also from looking at their website, their current plans were better than the one I needed to fight to get.


So I called them wednesday morning and talked with one of their reps and I let them know I wanted something better than what I currently had and being with them for at least 8 years, I figured they would have some better plans for their loyal customers. How naive I was. The rep basically suggested I take the plans on their website and I asked them if they had anything better for customer loyalty after some lengthy back and forth, I was finally sent to what was probably their retention department.


From there it was the same deal. She said the best they could do was what was on the website unless I wanted a new device. So I had enough and said forget it, cancel my plan, I'm switching to wind. At that point their rep said I met the requirements for their $50 for 3GB and unlimited everything.


So let me get this straight and be clear.

1) I needed to have a lengthy convo with 2 reps that were less than helpful.

2) I needed to actually say I want to leave before being offered a "good" deal.


How naive I was to believe something like loyalty would be rewarded. First they say, there's nothing they could do but when I said the magic words "I'm leaving for wind". Magically they had a deal. Why didn't they just give a loyal customer a break right away and give that deal? Well, that's because customer loyalty is a lie and they just want your money.


Side note: Fido is pretty silly for offering such a good deal (4GB for $40) for a limited time and being unable to handle the volumes. Now they're left with the aftermath of angry customers that they left hanging while the deal was still valid and saying "It's your own fault you didn't try to reach us" Good one fido.



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they lied over and over again

and apparently lack any sense of professionalism.

no consistency.


I demand the recordings.

Hey @lalitagujral ,


That's definitely not how we want you to feel!


I sent you a PM to help out Smiley 

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FIDO reputatin has gone down the drain.


THey are a bunch of liars who waste your time

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didn't even see that 4GB for $40 deal. when the hell did they have it up?

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From the looks of it, it went from Nov 17, 2016 till midnight Nov 21, 2016 and was available to everyone.

No heads up by fido. It was pretty much advertised by word of mouth or if you're constantly checking, those red flag deal websites.

They did it in an attempt to match offers by virgin and public mobile so they would not lose precious clientele.

However, they didn't realize how "smart" that decision was.

Long line ups, people who tried to call waited hours only to be disconnected, any online fido rep that connected then closed the session right away. Then when people finally got through the next day they were told it was their fault for not reaching them and that the promotion "expired". Pretty much shot themselves in the foot but congrats to anyone who scored the deal.

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The problem lies in the cost of doing business; however, here are some basic facts:


1. Cell phone plans in Canada cost 100X the asian counterparts. My company phone has a China pay as you go plan where 100 RMB (~ 20 CAD) will give you 1 GB of data (4G / 3G speed).  You won't be able to score this kind of deal in any cell phone companies in Canada. 

2. CRTC regulations does not put a cap to cell phone plan costs in Canada. They only put a limit on length of contract.

3. It is just damm expensive to do business in Canada. 

4. Prices have increased over the years.


Unfortunely it is what it is and venting here won't really get you anywhere.  It's like you walk into McDonalds  and ask them to offer a big mac that was priced 8 years ago just because you have been a McDonalds fan for > 8 years. Unfortunely it doesn't work that way.

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Thanks for the facts.

However, you're trying to compare apples to oranges and it doesn't really relate to the actual content of my original post.

I agree it is what it is and this topic will most likely fall onto the deaf ears of fido but if you could vent somewhere, wouldn't fido's actual community forum be a place to do it?

Perhaps I'm just curious to see what generic response fido will give or if they'll even give one.

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Actually Fido did responded and I got PM from them regarding this issue.


As far as I know this forum does get patrolled (actually it gets patrolled quite frequently, a lot more frequently than I anticipated). In other words, your rants have been heard by the "head office". 

Hi there 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


It's always important to keep in mind that we sometimes have different offers that cover various scenarios; some offers are targeted to specific customers, while others are not.  


We always have new promotions popping up here and there so we always invite you to keep an eye on HERE  for our upcoming special offers Smiley If you'd like to go over our available options today, let me know & I'll send you a PM to discuss it further.