Completely Confused and Upset

Completely Confused and Upset

Completely Confused and Upset

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Completely Confused and Upset

My phone has recently decided to give up the ghost, and I am nearing time for an upgrade anyways.  Yesterday, my wife spent more than 4 hours on the phone, or online chat trying to get information about possible upgrades on devices and what plans may be available to us.  She was hung up on, or disconnected several times, and wasn't getting straight answers either.  When I had the oppertunity to check out options for myself, I was sevrly disheartened.  Not only will my rate plan jump in price by a minimum of $15 a month per phone, but I will lose features.  That to me feels like I am being charged full price for a meal, but geting only the burger.  This was my first turn off.  My wife spent much time with your online chat wrestling for an agreement, and a fair price.  From what parts of the exchange I caught, I should have just asked her to wrestle a bear while she was tied to an wheelchair.  In the end, we reached a satisfactory comprimise.  The online agent mangaed to get a decent rate plans, and new phones for a lovely price.  At last!  Before we proceeded any further, we asked if we could go to our local FIdo store and pick up our new phones, and complete the upgrade, at the prices we were promised.  We asked TWICE.  Both times we were assured that we would have no problems going to the shop, and procuring our new treasures at the promised prices.  After making the trip to the store, you can only inmagine our disappointment at learning that we COULD NOT do so at tall.  That we would have to pay FULL PRICE on the devices, and receive reimbursment on the devices on our bill.  We walked away empty handed.  The reimbursment option is basically a sham.  I have done it before.  I pay full price in store, plus tax.  Upon receiving my next bill I am reimbursed the price of the device BEFORE tax.  That does not equal zero at the end.  And this isn't just a FIDO issue.  The cellphone companies in Canada may have the LARGEST surface area in the world to try and cover with towers, and the lowest poipulation density per tower in the world.  But our prices on devices and rate plans keep going up, and features dropping.  I understand inflation, but if you do the simple math, due to the drop in features and the increase in prices, some of these plans have increased as much as 40%!!  There is no way that overall cost of operations has increased that much, even after you factor in inflation and minimum wage increases.  I am infuriated by the way our transaction has been handled.  I believe that your brick and mortar locations and your online services should be on the same page.  Otherwise there is no common consistency.  It would be like going to one McDonald's and ordering a Big Mac inside, but when I went through the Drive Thru and ordered the same thing, it came with fries and a drink at no extra price.  Where would be my incentive to go inside?!  These types of experiences is what causes customers to walk away.  This is why customer loyalty keeps dropping.  We are confused by the double talk we get, and the highly noticable differences between our experiences with online, or telephone support, versus in store.

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for future reference, Screenshot the chat as proof. this way you won't be turned away, that's what I always do since things like this are very common for these situations to happen.


Hope this got settled, Good luck!

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Hey @RichardG82

Welcome to the Community. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and we're sorry for the experience you had.

I'd like to follow up on what happened and clear things up. It's important to note that some retail location might not have all the same options available that corporate Fido stores will have. I can't say that this is what happened though but we'll make sure to check things out.

We're sending you a PM.