Circle calling being billed

Circle calling being billed

Circle calling being billed

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Circle calling being billed

Calls made to are circle calling numbers are billed. We have a few fido numbers on this account. We are being billed as regular minutes this billing period for circke calling numbers. Caused massive increase to day-time talk usage. And 46 minutes of overage.




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Hi, I am still waiting for your PM! it sounds no one can solve my problem:(.



Sorry that you didn't get a PM, I'll send you one right now 😃

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Hi.  I have a very similar problem and hopefully will be resolved after talking to 4 Fido reps.  I have 5 lines on the same account.  There is one line that I use almost exclusively to call only the other 4 lines within the account.  I have Circle Calling on all 5 lines.  My understanding of the Circle Calling is "This feature allows unlimited local calls between subscribers within the same Fido account", as per Fido website.  I checked the usage on each of the lines.  The talk usage on the line that I use to call the other lines in the account, was 150 minutes in just a few days (and there were no calls to numbers outside of the account).  This means Fido is charging for call within the Circle Calling. 


It took over 4 calls to Fido Customer rep for them to really look at the problem and then acknowledge that a problem existed.  The last Fido rep said that he will advise the billing department to correct it.  I believe they already know about this problem and will only fix the problem if the customer diligently checks the validity of the charges and remain persistent.

Hello RM979 and thank you for using the Community.

Sorry to see that you had to go through that experience. I'm happy that they were able to confirm the problem and send a request to get this resolved.


Keep us updated Smiley

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I have 3 numbers on my account and 1 of them is limited to 300 minutes. ALL THE INCOMING CIRCLE CALLING MINUTES are being counted against the 300 minutes on this number. I called support and the CSR told me this is normal. Another CSR told me that is not normal. All the calls are local.


Looks like people at Fido have no clue what CIRCLE CALLING is.


A little help:


I've been charged in the past but I did not realize that. This time the overcharge was hefty.



Please fix this.


Thank you!

Hey cricu.  Welcome and thank you for using the Community Smiley


Thank you for putting in the link explaining what circle calling is, this might help a lot of users in the Forum.


I do see you're not happy about this. No worries, we're here to take a look into it for you.

I'm sending you a PM so we can take a look at those charges together.


Talk to you soon Smiley




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I also have the same problem and am so angry!!!

Hey LAYAMy and welcome to the Community!


Does this happen when you're using Wi-Fi calling?

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Hi Stephen and thank you for your consideration.


Today, I turned on airplane mode and then my wifi, when I tried to make a call, my phone didn't allowed me and asked for turnning off the airplane mode! I think this shows that I cannot make Wi-Fi calls!!


Most of the time my Wi_Fi is on. Do you still believe it is because of that? How can I recognize a recieving/outgoing call is through Wi_Fi or is regular?




Hi there!


You would need to turn on Wi-Fi Calling in the settings of your phone. You can find more information here.


Let us know how it goes!

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As I checked my phone setting,  Wi-Fi Calling is off! and I am not interested in turning it on. 


My problem is somthing else, circle calling does'nt work for me. I loose my minutes by incomming or outgoing calls from/ to my partner! and I am sure it is not because of Wi-Fi calling.


Do you have any other suggestion about fixing it?

Are both of your numbers in the same account? Are you sure that both plans include Circle Calling?

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Yes both of them are in the same account and both plans are FIDO PULSE BYOP PLAN.  Sad

As I talked to CS, she told me both include Circle Calling. Is there anyway to check it myself (just to make sure)?

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How long excatley has this been going on, I have had the issue since I started the contract in October. Its been a constant pain in the behind calling in every month to have ajustments made on my account because for some reason the Circle Calling does not work. I am to the point if this is not fixed soon I will just pay out the contact and head to another provider.

Hey twihnn!


I'll send you a PM in a few minutes to look into that with you!



I'll take a look for you Smiley


I will send you a PM in just a bit!


Hey KevinBroten.


It doesn't sound right. I would like to take a look at the charges with you.


I'm sending you a PM Smiley

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When the call was placed did you use Wifi Calling?

Some people have reproted billing issues when on wifi calling.