Chorizo sausage and mission figs

Chorizo sausage and mission figs

Chorizo sausage and mission figs

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Chorizo sausage and mission figs

This is an easy one.


You need 


Mission figs and Chorizo sausage


equal amounts by volume


and Wine


a nice rich Douro or Temparillo is good


Mission figs are available at some health food stores and online


They look like this




You can get chorizo sausages at many butchers or portuguese shops



First cut the tips off the figs with scissors. They are hard and don't soften all that much when cooked.


Cut the sausage so that the pieces are about the same size as the figs.


in a saucepan fry the sausage pieces over medium heat in a little olive oil until they brown


You can drain the excess oil out of the pan.


Now add the mission figs and enough wine so that the tips of the sausage and figs just poke up.


Simmer at low temperature while ocasionally stirring.


The figs and sausage will absorb the wine.


Keep simmering until the wine reduces and thickens - this can take a while - be patient


When done transfer to a shallow bowl let cool and supply toothpicks.


The figs will be sweet, the sausage salty, and the wine will tie it all together.


This is nice served with slices of a good country style bread.