Charged long distance rate

Charged long distance rate

Charged long distance rate

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Charged long distance rate


To start off here's the reference number I was given I894609234 because apparently the only I will recieve any kind of help is if I take a number.

After being bounced around from person to person, I can not take this anymore. Ironically I was told to post my compliant online because no one could help me on the phone and forced me to figure out this terrible registration process for online.

Terrible customer service.

I got my phone with fido Oct 4 2015. The sales rep was very nice but the issue start that day. We had finished everything but I then asked him to add the long distance saver and I saw him do it. I didnt even leave the store when he said he was adding the $5 long distance saver. Then almost a month later I get a ridiculous of $2123!!!

I then went back into the store and spoke to the representative. He said he would call and get it taken care of. He wasnt able to because he said this had to be back dated to when I got the phone and he wasnt capable of doing that. Ive spoken to countless amounts of people and all I have gotten was to post a message here and hope someone responds...

Fido customer service says its the representatives fault and he need to take care of it and the representive says he cant do anything. Im tired of this back and forth. I want fido to stop telling how its not their fault and solve the problem. This is not my problem, yet no one is doing anything about it.

The only one negatively being affected by this is me. And fido doesnt care, ironic because fido calls their customer service customer care.


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