Charged for using minutes, but I have free weekends/evenings?

Charged for using minutes, but I have free weekends/evenings?

Charged for using minutes, but I have free weekends/evenings?

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Charged for using minutes, but I have free weekends/evenings?

I got a text message from Fido yesterday saying my 100 minutes for the month have been used up, and that I am 130 minutes over my limit. But I haven't made or received any calls anywhere near that length outside of the 6pm-7am weeknights window or the 6pm Friday - 7am Monday window. All of my longer calls have been within those time frames and have been local calls... so why am I being charged with all these extra minutes then?

I'm using the LG Gossip and have the $25 monthly plan, if that helps. I'm going to contact Fido tomorrow but I thought I'd post here first and see if anyone has any possible explanations for this.



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I'm on a dollar day unlimited evenings and weekends but I get cahrged for calls made after twelve AM MST until eight. I have been calling Fido  for months and I get acredit but its BS. I got a text from FIDO saying there was afix. What is it

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Hi @hbomb4 & welcome to the Community! 


What exactly is the text that you received, and when did we send it to you?

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i erased it by mistake. I have to phone the network again for the second time to credit my account

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Hey hbomb4, 


I would like to take a closer look at your account so we can check out the details of your account together. I'll send you a PM! Smiley 

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very good point from lindam,


 you could also audit the online records with your phone log.  I'm not familiar with that phone, but you should have a call log storing at least some call history with call status such as duration.  the call length is sometimes a bit out of whack with the network record because call setup times may not be exactly reflected in gthe network's view of the call but if anything, that should result in a billed call length shorter than your phone's record of it.  Also make sure the start time of the call is in your free period and that the online records' start times are consistent with your call times.



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Why don't you log into your account and check your usage??