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Charged for Long Distance using WhatsApp

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am changing to another service provider because Fido has charged me for long distance call when I am using WhatsApp. Although the call through WhatsApp did not connect, I was still charged. Have been Fido customer for more than 15 years.




I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi there, 
I am a long-time user of Fido. As a student, I pay a large bill for 6GB of data and calling per month. I make international calls almost daily through Whatsapp and for the first time, I noticed a $40 charge on my phone bill for a call that is not listed on my Whatsapp or my iPhone call list. Therefore, there is no evidence whats so ever that I've made this call. 

Upon calling Fido, the representatives could not explain why or how this has happened and refused to even try and explain how a Whatsapp call has been switched to Airtime without any notification or evidence that an international call was made. I had only called two local numbers on that day.  


I'm really concerned that switching app calls to airtime calls without notifying the customer is fraudulent and a problem with Fido as a service because Fido is the party charging the customer. 

I would appreciate it if someone from the Fido could provide a clear explanation of how Fido plans to handle this issue in the future and what its customers can do to prevent this from happening. I am highly disappointed that of how the customer representatives have handled this issue.  


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Locktan,


  Welcome to the community!


  The issue you've mentioned isn't the fault of the mobile providers. It happens across multiple providers. WhatsApp seems to be the culprit. While it's not mentioned on their website, it appears as though the app will automatically switch to using mobile airtime minutes if it deems the internet connection is too slow for voice calls (see here and here).


  One suggestion (from the latter link) would be to enable Airplane or Flight mode and manually enabling Wifi prior to making the call(s). Doing so should prevent the app from switching to mobile services if the Wifi internet connection is not sufficient. However, it also means that you wouldn't be able to make WhatsApp calls using a mobile data connection.


Hope this helps 😀




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @locktan, thanks for reaching out to us about your situation! 


Thank you for being that long with us as we do appreciate it very much! I just want to start by mentioning that we do not support Whatsapp as it's a third party application and you had to put your cellphone number in that account to be able to place calls. 


As for long distance call, you can always add the Preferred International Rates to get the best rates for your calls. You can find more information here under the ''Long Distance'' tab:


We can definitely review your situation together and we'll do our best to assist you. You can reach out to us here or we can send you a PM on the Community, let us know what you prefer.