Changing providers

Changing providers

Changing providers

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Changing providers

I like fido in six years user included three years almost in contract plan and now i am back to prepaid monthly plan. But i'm thinking if i changed other provider to try there service and plan, is not personal my own business? Maybe windmobile they offer a lot of data on it plan.




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You are right about the lte. I wrote to fast without thinking. Wind Mobile hopes to have their lte network launched by end of 2017.
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I was talking to a Fido Customer service Agent yesterday, she was being extremely rude for no reason. I have been with FIDO for 9 years and she suggested that i leave fido  because she wasnt willing to give me a good deal on a phone. i couldn't get an upgrade on my device my contract ended 6 months ago. I have been trying to upgrade my device for 6 Months and FIDO has been so unhelpful. I have shopped around and i am happy to say that i got what i wanted at another serivce provider:). i will be calling in today after work to cancel my phone line . FINALLY!!!!!:D....thanks for nothing FIDO! Smiley

Hey @wind123 and thank you for using the Community Smiley

We would hate to see you go.

And I hate to see that you didn't get get experience calling the customer service.

I would be happy to take a look at your options with you.

Maybe we can discuss about all this.

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon Smiley

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As wind Mobile is a good option if you are within their limits. Just to note though they have hard set limits and you should really read their terms and conditions. To give a quick example: wind Mobile will after 2 hours on the phone, disconnect your call. You are free to call back however the clock restarts and if you again go another 2 hours you will be disconnected again.

One other example: Yes they do have unlimited data but you're paying for 5gb of lte 4g data and after that it's lowered to a slow speed and if you use alot of data they will limit to even slower to basically only allow you to get your email. If you abuse the data they reserve the right to terminate your contract and refuse service.

Keep those in mind if you decide to switch. In my opinion Fido is a great company with excellent customer support. Unless they close or something happens I plan to stay with fido for my wireless needs.

Hello Martin89,


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@illusion87 wrote:
...Yes they do have unlimited data but you're paying for 5gb of lte 4g data ...


   I don't think that's quite true... yet. You'd be getting 4G (HSPA+), not LTE. Wind does not currently have a LTE network. While they did recently receive another round of funding to develop a LTE network, it may still be a while before it is operational.


  Another consequence of only having a single network is the possibility of network congestion. Unlimited data plans makes congestion a very real possibility. Since all voice, SMS, and data travel along one band/frequency, some calls and texts may not even get through. Yes, LTE will divert some of that traffic, but again, no word on when that network will be available.


  Additionally, depending on what phone you currently have, it may or may not be compatible with their network. 


  Something else to consider is where you live. While they claim to cover 98% of the population with their partner networks, I have not found whether there are stipulations for roaming on their partner networks. For example, Fido's Extended coverage only allows 50% of usage on Fido-EXT before it will get blocked. Wind may have a similar limit for use on partner networks. Wind's main network is limited to a few major cities.


  Yes, unlimited plans do sound enticing. Just make sure their service suits your needs.


  Hope this helps Smiley



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We definitely don't want to see you go. Sad


I've sent you a private message, should you want to look into your options.




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