Changing plan to $40/4GB

Changing plan to $40/4GB

Changing plan to $40/4GB

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Changing plan to $40/4GB

This is not fair as i have been waiting to be answered for more than an hr... you hung up on me three times and now when i redialled for the forth time it says you guys are closed.. worse customer service. I understand Fido is busy with the new promo but there is no need to hang up on a customer just to get rid of them. Quite frustrating for sure. 
All I want to do is to Switch my plan to 4gb plan for 40$...
Can someone call me to accept my request for the plan change please? I really hope Fido doesnt deny my request due to their negligence as I did try my best being on hold patiently for an hr. 

Just so you know that I did visit your Fido store and was told that I could call in for the plan change. 


Thanks ,


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Same thing happened to me! they are unbelievable!

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I've tried to get ahole of them for four days... can't get through via phone. Live chat would leave me waiting hours and hours. I was rejected from the shop because they couldn't help existing customers. I got through on fb and they tried to send me a form to fill out but then haven't gotten back to me for two days. I got through on live chat- nobody can help me at all to get onto this plan because I'm "too late". I was only offered a plan that is more expensive than my current plan. After an hours conversation and having to leave I realized that I can still get a cheaper plan on public mobile, and after none of their lower level staff being able  to help me in store, on the phone, on facebook, or on livechat, I think it's time to port my number to Public Mobile.


I may not have 4 gb for $40, but I rarely go over my 2 GB and I can get that for $40 a month, cheaper than what I currently pay fido by about $15.

Hi again everyone!


The plan was offered for a limited time and is no longer available. We  however often have special offers, so keep an eye out for anything that may come in the future.


In the meantime, if you'd like to look into other plan options, let me know. It will be my pleasure to do so with you. Smiley

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I think it's rather annoying that us not being able to get the offer isn't because our lack of trying, it's because your collegues had poor customer service and didn't do their job well enough on their end. Thank you Maria for responding to our replies and trying your best to do what you're doing but even though you are, it's unfair that we are on the recieving end of Fido's mistakes. 



  I posted a word of caution re Freedom (Wind) here.


Hope this helps

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Hi @Ashna16!


I'm sorry that I couldn't get back to you sooner. Sad


Were you able to reach someone? Let me know if you'd like me to send you a PM!

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Yes please pm me
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I'm having a lot of trouble getting through to Fido these past few days. Can someone please contact me from your end?
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I tried calling customer service all day yesterday and couldn't get through,  sent a message on facebook messenger last night at 6:37pm and still haven't received any response. I also went to a fido store waited in line for 1 hour and they said they couldn't change the plan for me and to call in. I hope fido will honour 

the $40 promo plan still. Can someone PM me please? Thanks





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I understand that they are experiencing a higher volume of calls and have been waiting patiently. I got through to live chat after waiting for two days. Informed that particular retention plan was expired even though I tried calling before the deadline and every other avenue (email, live chat, fb chat and forums). This plan isn't even advertised, I had to hear it through word of mouth from my family and friends. The agent on live chat was cordial but wasn't very helpful.


I don't understand why I can not have this plan when it is through no fault of my own that the phone lines were closed during operating hours when I tried to call in and even patiently waited before that to only be cut off. I can not have the same plan as my family and friends despite being a loyal customer for 8 years. A committment longer than those I know that have been with Fido for less.


I asked if I could contact someone through email but the agent informed that they no longer respond by email. If that is the case then why is an email available on the Fido contact website?? It takes a lot to upset me but this is so frustrating. I'm sure this is not set in stone so I dont understand why Fido is being so difficult.


I really like Fido and have normally been very satisfied but this is the first time I've considered leaving and may very well do it. From what I hear from friends who are with public mobile they even have an appreciation offer where they discount your plan depending on how many friends you refer.

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Can some one help me too ?please I spent 3 days to contact rep already . But I still can't contact anyone.