Changing My Credit Card

Changing My Credit Card

Changing My Credit Card

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Changing My Credit Card

I want to change the credit card that's authorized for the automatic refill.  I'm on a basic prepaid plan, so it occurs monthly.


I've tried Live Chat, but after half an hour, there's been no repsonse other than waiting for a representative.


Not a serious issue, but I'd like to change from my Visa card to my MasterCard, but don't want to screw things up completely by perhaps cancelling the former and then not being able to enter the information for the latter.


Is the phone number still 611?  Haven't tried it yet but could go that route if necessary.



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Hey JusMe!


You should be able to update the credit card information yourself in My Account on Smiley


Just be sure that the information associated to the new credit card matches your account (name& address).


We're here if you have any questions!