Change plan button greyed out

Change plan button greyed out

Change plan button greyed out

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Change plan button greyed out

SO like everyone else unable to contact Fido. I noticed now that the change plan button is now greyed out.



After 24hr of waiting i was finally contacted via Facebook Messanger and asked to fill out the form. THis was over 8hrs ago and have not had a response back since.  


Does anyone else have inside info that Fido is going to extend this offer beyond Dec 19? 


This great plan has turned into horrible publicity. 



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Hey @dan6!


I see that you were able to reach someone. If there's anything you need help with, let us know!

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I still haven't received a confirmation email.

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Hey @dan6,


I can assure you we're doing our best to get back to everyone as soon as we can.


If you activated a new line, we don't be able to transfer your current Fido number over. Since you have an existing line, the best way to go is a simple plan change.


I'll be happy to take a look at the account to see what can be done, I'm sending you a PM. 

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I was never able to get ahold of anyone. Last communication was Monday Dec 18 @ 9am which is when I submitted the requested document.


What I ended up doing (hope it is valid) was created a new fido account ( new SIM and phone number) as no other methods of changing my plan would work.


I hope that when I receivey new SIM for the new account I can transfer my current phone number over and close my old account. 


I have only recieved notification  for Confirmation to subscription to Online Billing. Not sure how long it is suppose to take to get confirmation of a new account as it's been over 6hrs.


By doing it this way will I still receive the $60 10 gig plan?


Thank you