Cant use my data bytes

Cant use my data bytes

Cant use my data bytes

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Cant use my data bytes

Every time I open the app it says "sorry,something went wrong try using your data bytes later". However I don't even have the data bytes option. Help a brothuh out please

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Hey @BernardLP


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There was a bit of a hiccup with that function earlier on but it should now be fully up and running. 


Can you give it another try and let me know how that goes? 

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I am having this issue now too, last time I used it was on the 1St so it's not within 24 hours


I have rebooted, cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, rebooted again, reinstalled and it's still occurring,  


The time is 12:36am Dec, 4

Hey @SynAck


Everything you need to know about Data Bytes is available right here


Let me know if you're still experiencing issues after going over Data Bytes is not available when, I'll have a look at your account! 

I'm a Participant Level 1


 I’m wondering why the number appears in negative. Is that mean I am using my own data?B92A4824-E05E-4E06-90D8-8C4E9DF86391.png




Hey @Xingrui1004!


Are you still seeing a negative amount of data usage when you check your Data Bytes usage history? 


Let us know! We're here to help. Smiley


Hey @Xingrui1004


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Thank you for the screen capture. This is not how your Data Bytes should appear when you use them. I haven't seen this happen with Data Bytes before.


Is it the first time this is happening?


Is it possible that you had closed the application by any chance and then reopened it?


What usage do you see when you check the Data Bytes History? You can verify that by clicking on More and then Data Bytes History.


If anybody in the Community has an idea, please feel free to share Smiley


Let us know.