Cancelling Fido

Cancelling Fido

Cancelling Fido

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Cancelling Fido

I need to find out how much it will cost to close my account with Fido.  I end my contract in October of this year.  I want to go to telus as Fido doesn't reach where I want to go but Telus does.


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if you don't have a phone contract with fido usually its one month advance notiifcation and you won't owe anything, but need to notifly 1 month in advance.


there might be a 12.5 cancel fee depending which province you are in.


if you still have a fido agreement (meaning you have a subsidy on a phone), go to your account online, scrow down to where your phone and you should find your remaining balance to pay off your subsidy on your phone.

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Hey Tamm!


We'd hate to see you go. Sad 


We're going to need to take a look in your account to go over your options. 


I'll send you a PM shortly.