Cancel Your Premium Device Protection - Brightstar is fraud

Cancel Your Premium Device Protection - Brightstar is fraud

Cancel Your Premium Device Protection - Brightstar is fraud

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Cancel Your Premium Device Protection - Brightstar is fraud

Hey Everyone, 


I am here to share one my worst experience with the fido and Brightstar. I lost my device ( iPhone 8 plus 256 GB ) on the day of 26th October 2018. I contacted Fido regarding it and requested them to hold my service until I tell them to avoid any misuse of my phone. after that, they advise me to contact Brightstar, since I was having the Premium device protection plan. 


I contacted the Brightstar and filed a request for a replacement device. The request got accepted within a day after submitting the proper documentation and got charged $ 226 instantly. After which, they dispatched replacement device to my home address. it was about to deliver to my home and got canceled somehow. so, I contacted UPS ( delivery carrier ) regarding it and they told me that Brightstar has canceled the delivery. so, I contacted Brightstar to find the reason. 


Now, the Brightstar told me that someone from the FIDO has instructed them to do so. so, I contacted Fido & they told me that they don't have any authority to do so and even there was no note about such issue.  again I contacted the Brightstar to get my replacement device, on that they told me they found my request misleading and canceled my request. they don't have anything more to tell me and told me to contact my carrier ( Fido).  now, Fido told me that they can't do anything even I pay $11 every month to the fido. so, I filled an escalation but didn't get contacted for more than a week for the result. so, I filled one more escalation to find out. after more than 72 hours I got contacted that the request filed on 25th October is misleading, but the thing is I lost my phone on 26th of October ( i have proof to prove this ). 


so, this is where i am, waiting for my replacement device from 1 month !! neither fido is helping, nor the Brightstar !! so, if you have bought the premium device protection plan, i better recommend to cancel it and go for any other service provider. because, if you lost your precious device, don't you ever be reliable on your device protection plan, even if you make payment regularly. i contacted an officer from consumer protection Ontario and he recommended to file a complaint against this since i have valid proofs and points that violates my rights as a consumer. 

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Thank you so much for sharing the information. i was planning to get the premium device protection plan, but i need to rethink about it now. i got so much negetive reviews about the brightstar as well. Did anyone helped you from the fido ? 

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Thanks for the understanding. i recommened you not to go for brightstar.


And Fido team is still trying to find the solution. but is has been more than 1 week and no updates from their side. so, i doubt even they can help their loyal customer or not. 

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i feel for you,

this means it is better to save up $16*24 = $384, plus the $266 deductiable fee = $650 total, and get an 'like new' phone in the future. thx for the tip. i wish the best for you. perhaps contact Rogers directly.

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Anybody owning an Apple device might be better to get an AppleCare+ plan for their device. 129.00$ for 2 years and you are allowed to accidental damages during that 2 years period.

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same issued here i got lost my phone on black friday night and report on they website and upload document just check today and got rejected. i don't know why we have to pay for $11 everyone and get nothing now i have to pay remain on my account and i think have to leave fido and totally cancle this company (britghstar) so badddddd

We would hate to see you go @destinypooh1 and we're confident we can resolve things. 

Do you happen to know why your claim was rejected? Did you try to call Brighstar to get more info?


You can reach them at 1-866-327-3399 and they will be able to answer your questions.


On our end, if there's anything at all you'd like us to look into don't hesitate to let us know and we'll send you a private message.



Hey @rushiparekh7! Congrats on your first post. Smiley


I'm quite sad to read that! I can certainly understand your frustration having gone through all this. With your permission, allow us to send you a PM so we can take a good look at all this. We'll try our best to sort it all out. Smiley


Let us know.

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Hey @FidoPhilippe


Thanks for bringing your attention to this post. I would be more than happy if you can help me to resolve this issue. you can contact me at anytime.



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