Cancel $9 Option for Spotify

Cancel $9 Option for Spotify

Cancel $9 Option for Spotify

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Cancel $9 Option for Spotify

Hi there. 


I'm trying to cancel the $9 option I had for Spotify Premium. 


1) Went to

2) Entered phone number, and then entered received code

3) Only option it gives is to Subscribe, but yet when I click subscribe, it sent me a text that I have canceled the option.

4) Logged in to still shows me that I am registered to the premium version through Fido. 


Help! Does a case need to be submitted through Customer Service to have this overriden?


Hey cassalice914, 


Welcome to the Community. 


It sounds like you definitely followed the right steps on your end to cancel the subscription. I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at the details together. Smiley