Can't upgrade to a new phone with my existing small plan.

Can't upgrade to a new phone with my existing small plan.

Can't upgrade to a new phone with my existing small plan.

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Can't upgrade to a new phone with my existing small plan.

JUST KEEP POPINGUP "We're sorry, this information is currently not available online. If you need help with your account, please call 1-888-481-FIDO (3436)". I tried all my browers. Just looked through all relavent threads, can't find solution. This is an old problem and it still exists. It is maybe about fido website. vm.cart.plan is null so it is disable to reach vm.processOrder() function. Under Total monthly fee, click break down to expand, then click save cart. Same error msg popup. The keep existing plan button under the keep existing slider does not assign value to vm.cart.plan. That is why I can't process further and save for now since save or process null(nothing) does not make sense. Is there anyway I can upgrade my phone without the costly representative's help. 


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Just doing a quick follow up, let us know if you still need help


That said, we'd also like to clarify that the transaction fee is actually $30. If you complete the upgrade in store, that will not be waived as the upgrade process will provide a new service agreement conditional to the fee approval.


Only by doing your transaction on, will you save on the one-time $30 transaction fee that applies for the processing of your service request.


Hope this helps, and if you need any assistance with your upgrade send us a PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter here. Alternatively, we can also send you a PM on this platform if you prefer Smiley

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you have two choices

1: goto fido store pay the upgrade fee of 25$ (outright, or sign an new contract may waive the upgrade fee), and get an new phone

2: get the new phone outright no contract, get an new fido sim card (and you are good to go)

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Have you tried clearing your cache and cookie? Does that change anything?


Is it possible that the phone you've selected is not offered on a contract with a Small plan? Which phone are you getting?



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Hi, I am getting LG Q6. clear cache and cookie doesn't work.

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I'll send you a PM on here to take a closer look.


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